Simplicity Wall Storage

Secure Wall-Mounted Storage Cabinet for Point-of-Care Medical Supplies

Jaco Simplicity lets you store point-of-care supplies and patient medication securely in patient rooms – right where nurses and doctors need them. Simplicity helps prevent interruptions to care, and helps reduce costly loss, theft, waste and overstocking of medical supplies. Used together with lightweight Jaco carts, Simplicity eases the everyday physical strain on nurses – and can reduce stress-related injuries and workers’ compensation claims.

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Store point-of-care supplies at the point of care.

One- or Two-Factor Authentication

Control drawer access via PIN code, tap-and-go card reader, or both. 

Additional security for meds

In addition to authentication, add key locks to any or all med bin drawers – for three layers of med security.

Purpose-built. Built to last.

Simplicity is built from aircraft-grade metal with a non-porous antimicrobial finish. 4″ depth enables fully-complaint mounting in any room or hallway.

Full Specifications

Call 800-649-2278 or contact your Jaco Sales Representative for information about this new Jaco product.

Secure storage that’s easier for everyone

  • Prevents delays and interruption to care, because supplies and medications are always at hand.
  • Can eliminate the need for (and added weight of) drawer cabinets on EHR workstations.
  • Space-saving design – projects just 4″ from wall when closed, with tilt-out drawers that take up minimal space when open.
  • Improves supply chain efficiency – helps reduce wasted supplies.
  • Runs on four (4) ‘C’ batteries – no wall prep or wiring required. Smart electronics maximize battery life.
  • Weighs just 12 pounds – requires no Special Seismic Certification under OSHPD wall mounting requirements.
  • 7-year warranty (3-years on electronics).

Learn More about Simplicity

Discover how Simplicity can point-of-care supply and med storage easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective for everyone at your hospital. Contact your Jaco sales representative for more information.

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