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EVO For Nurses

Discover EHR without discomfort or distraction

EVO’s nurse-first design supports stress-free, pain-free, accurate charting and documentation at the point of care

Features That Matter

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Up to 45% lighter

Stop pushing 120, 130, 140 pounds or more from patient to patient, shift after shift. EVO starts at just 73 pounds, fully powered – a difference you’ll feel immediately.

Easier to move and control

EVO’s is precision-balanced to distribute the cart weight evenly over all four wheels – and to put less strain on your neck, arms, shoulders, and wrists.

Adjusts with one hand

Comfort Glide Lift Technology™ lets you raise or lower the worksurface with just one hand – and without the noise and added weight of electronic powered lift.

Disinfects easily and thoroughly

A high-gloss antimicrobial powder coat on all metal surfaces wipes clean easily, and stands up to all hospital-grade chemical and UV sterilization.

Keeps you focused and comfortable

Reach everything you need – scanners, drawers, printers and more – without changing position relative to the keyboard and monitor, and without awkward stretching or bending.

See and feel the
difference EVO can make.

Nurses spend over 22% of every shift charting in EHR or reviewing EHR data. EVO helps you get the job done with less stress, pain and distraction – so you can focus on accurate charting and providing the best possible patient care.

Call 800-649-2278 to speak directly with a Jaco representative. Or schedule a Live Factory Tele-Demo to see EVO features in action, via teleconference from Jaco’s corporate headquarters.

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Spend less time managing carts, more time innovating


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EVO For Administrators:

Change point-of-care workstation economics, forever

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