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Why Jaco

Low TCO/High ROI

Products engineered for low TCO and exceptional value

There’s a lot more riding on your carts than computers – including the clinical and financial success of your EHR implementation. We strive to contribute to that success with point-of-care solutions that streamline your workflows, lower your costs, and deliver lasting value.

With Jaco you can count on
  • Faster, less costly deployment. Our carts ship fully assembled – just install your equipment and roll them out (or as an optional service, have us do it for you).
  • Healthier, more productive nurses – and potential for fewer absences and worker compensation claims – thanks to our proven ergonomics.
  • Lower repair and coverage expense. Our carts are so reliable that our customers do not purchase service contracts.
  • No maintenance required. Jaco recommends no scheduled or preventative maintenance apart from wiping down carts as needed.
  • Reduced supply chain costs. The exceptional durability of our batteries and other consumable components mean minimal part replacements over time.
  • Fewer fleet refreshes. We build our carts to last 10+ years between refreshes. Budget less for carts and more for strategic, mission-critical IT investments.
  • The best warranties in the industry. Our cart warranties – up to 10 years on structural cart components – provide the ultimate investment protection.

Let’s Talk

Contact Jaco or your Jaco Sales Representative to discuss your next EHR workstation project. Learn all the ways Jaco products can help maximize your return on this significant capital equipment investment.

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