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About Us

From the Fortune 500…

Jaco began in 1972 as a tool and die manufacturer, and quickly evolved into a custom metal fabricator providing complete prototype-to-production services for technology leaders such as Motorola, Cisco and Raytheon, as well as many innovative startups.

We built our reputation by collaborating with customers to continually improve product designs and drive unnecessary costs out of the manufacturing process, enabling them to deliver superior products for an affordable price.

…to 1,000+ hospitals nationwide

For the last 25 years Jaco has focused on manufacturing our own line of medical computer carts and other point-of-care products to support hospitals’ evolving patient care and electronic health records (EHR) initiatives. We bring the same commitment to product quality, customer collaboration, and cost-effectiveness to this work.

Jaco is passionate about delivering continuous innovation that makes nurses’ and clinicians’ jobs easier. And we work relentlessly to produce defect-free products that outperform customers’ expectations for durability, reliability, and low cost of ownership.

Now part of GCX

On December 9, 2022, Jaco became part of GCX Healthcare Solutions, a global leader in the design and manufacture of healthcare-focused mounting and mobility solutions. Together, GCX and Jaco have decades of experience designing and manufacturing superior quality point-of-care solutions, and continually improving and enhancing the way nurses and clinicians interact with medical devices, computers and patients in every healthcare setting.
Read more about GCX’s acquisition of Jaco here.

Jaco team
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