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We invented Comfort Glide to make EVO easier to adjust. We ended up reinventing the EHR cart.

Comfort Glide shatters every limitation of straight-post cart design

Instant, silent, one-handed height adjustment

Comfort Glide’s creates optimal leverage, with less friction and stress on moving parts – so anyone can raise and lower the worksurface with one hand, and without a sound.

Enables a lighter cart that’s healthier for nurses

Comfort Glide eliminates bulk that weighs down straight-post carts, and redistributes weight perfectly for a cart that’s easier to roll, and easier on nurses’ backs, arms and shoulders.

Proven engineering; field-tested reliability

Comfort Glide is based on tools used to build the pyramids – and evolved from lifts in earlier Jaco cart models that are still in use after 12 or more years of trouble-free performance.

Worksurface height adjustment, perfected

  • True one-handed height adjustment. Comfort Glide locates the lift-assist system under the front of the worksurface – closer to the user – for the best possible leverage.
  • Silent. With fewer moving parts that move less and with less friction, Comfort Glide is whisper-quiet. Nurses can adjust the cart whenever they need to, without waking or disturbing patients.
  • Reliable by design – and proven in the field.  Comfort Glide puts less strain on moving parts, and far less cantilever strain on the overall cart structure. It’s based on the lift mechanism in earlier Jaco cart models from 2006 – thousands of which are still in use today in some of the nation’s busiest hospitals after 12 or more years of trouble-free performance.
  • An intelligent alternative to powered lift. Compared to powered lift assist, Comfort Glide is quieter, faster, 20 to 40 pounds lighter, and far less likely to require costly service or repair.

The core of a lighter, healthier, more comfortable EHR cart

  • Built from lighter components – without sacrificing strength. Comfort Glide’s unique design enables sit-to-stand worksurface height adjustment – using a piston that’s less than half the size and weight of those in some straight-post carts, enclosed in a lighter housing. But it’s also built to last, from welded steel tubing and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s the primary reason that EVO is up to 60 lbs. lighter than competing EHR carts – but so durable, we can back it with a 10-year warranty.
  • Ideal weight distribution. Unlike straight-post worksurface supports, which lead to harder-to-push back-heavy carts, Comfort Glide distributes cart weight evenly over the wheels. The result: EVO is easier to roll, steer and maneuver – and puts a lot less strain on nurses’ backs, necks, arms and hands. read the blog
  • Better mounting positions for accessories. Comfort Glide’s front post provides a perfectly location for mounting baskets, holders and other accessories where nurses can reach them more easily. It also provides the ideal mounting position for EVO ClearView Storage, our new ergonomic side-opening storage system.

Schedule a Demonstration

Try Comfort Glide once, and you’ll instantly understand how it changes height adjustment, nurse comfort, and EHR cart design forever – and for the better. Contact Jaco to schedule a demonstration at your hospital.

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