Jaco EVO™ Series

Game-Changing Lightweight, Full-Sized On-Board or Hot-Swap Powered Carts with a 10-year warranty

Starting at just 73 lbs. with full-shift power, packed with ergonomic and engineering innovation, and backed the industry’s first-ever 10-year warranty – EVO rewrites industry standards for nurse comfort, ease of ownership and bankable return on investment.


Available with On-Board or Hot-Swap LiFePO4 Power

EVO Laptop Locking

Available with On-Board or Hot-Swap LiFePO4 Power

EVO Podium

Non-Powered – Upgradable to Hot-Swap LiFePO4 Power

EVO Lite Tablet Products

Jaco EVO™ Lite Series

Ultra-Lightweight, Compact Non-Powered EVOs for Tablets and Laptops – with the EVO 10-Year Warranty

Feather-light but incredibly strong. Ultra-compact yet remarkably well-equipped! New Jaco EVO Lite delivers the comfort and capabilities nurses need to provide superior bedside care – and the trouble-free performance that lets IT focus on healthcare innovation.
Evo lite 3913

EVO Lite Tablet

Compact, Flexible Tablet Cart
Evo lite 3911

EVO Lite LT1

High-Productivity Laptop Workstation
Evo lite 3910

EVO Lite LT2

Versatile Laptop/Podium Cart

More from Jaco

Pvt 2020 16

PerfectView Tablet

NEW! Essential Medical-Grade Tablet Cart


Large-Screen Video Presentation Cart

Jaco Wall Arms

Secure, Stable, Fully Adjustable – and Warrantied for Life

Jaco Wall Arms extend and adjust easily and securely, for maximum working comfort and closer, more natural patient interaction – and then fold back close to the wall, and out of the way, when not in use.


52” Max. Reach, Advanced Features


49” Max. Reach, Keyboard Cover


49” Max. Reach, Most Compact

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Attend a personalized Jaco product demonstration from the safety and convenience of your office or home – live via teleconference from Jaco’s corporate headquarters.
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