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Jaco EVO Phlebotomy Carts

Streamline phlebotomy workflows with lightweight, ergonomic, fully-equipped mobile blood draw workstations

Support phlebotomists with better tools

EVO Phlebotomy Carts make it easier than ever for clinicians to bring all their blood draw and specimen collection supplies—and the latest phlebotomy IT—directly to patients in any care environment.

evo custom 405 narrow

Effortless mobility

Up to 45% lighter and 29% easier to roll than other full-sized mobile phlebotomy workstations.

Lots of flexible storage 

Store and organize phlebotomy supplies, medical supplies, PPE and consumables in spacious drawers, storage bins, and integrated compartments.

Research-based ergonomics

Side-opening EVO Clearview Storage™ drawers reduce bending and awkward movement. Comfort Glide Lift Technology(tm) enables instant, silent, one-handed height adjustment.

For all devices and apps

Choose carts for LCDs, laptops, or tablets—or our EVO Phlebotomy Cart for smartphones, for use with EPIC Rover, Cerner Bridge or other mobile phlebotomy apps.

Fully customizable

Add barcode scanners, label and wristband printers, wipe and glove box holders, wire baskets and more.

An exceptional investment

EVO Phlebotomy Carts are built from aircraft-grade metal, and backed by the industry’s only 10-year warranty.

Popular EVO phlebotomy cart configurations

Choose below or build your own. All EVO Phlebotomy workstations are fully customizable to meet the requirements of any workflow.

phlebotomy cart mobile apps 1024x1024

EVO for Mobile Phlebotomy Apps

Purpose-built blood draw cart for use with EPIC Rover, Cerner Bridge and other mobile phlebotomy apps. 

  • Jaco EVO Phlebotomy Cart (Part No. EVO-PL-NP)
  • Two (2) 3”/7” EVO ClearView Storage cabinets (Part No. 72-0578)
  • Universal cabinet-top barcode printer shelf (Part No. 51-4929)
  • Glove box holder (Part No. 51-5012)
  • 6”x6”x6” wire basket (Part No. 51-3591)
  • 5” dual wheel casters (Part No. 51-4681)
phlebotomy evo custom 1024x1024

EVO LCD Phlebotomy Cart

LiFePO₄ powered blood draw cart for PC and LCD display (or all-in-one computer) up to 24”

  • Jaco EVO LCD Cart with 500 Wh LiFePO₄  onboard power system (Part No. EVO-20-L500)
  • 3”/7” EVO Clearview Drawer cabinet with eLock (Part No. 72-0569)
  • Corded barcode scanner mount (Part No. 51-3648)
  • 5 qt. sharps container (Part No. 51-4383)
  • TRAC™ motion control system (Part No. 51-4874)
  • Shown: Ruby Red custom accent color (Part No. 32-0218-PC)
phlebotomy evo2 1024x1024

EVO Locking Laptop Phlebotomy Cart

LiFePO₄ powered blood draw cart for laptop computers up to 17” plus full-sized keyboard and mouse.

  • Jaco EVO Locking Laptop Cart with 250 Wh LiFePO₄ onboard power system (Part No. EVO-10-L250)
  • 3”/7” EVO Clearview Drawer cabinet with eLock (Part No. 72-0569)
  • 3”/3”/3” EVO Clearview Drawer cabinet with eLock (Part No. 73-0837)
  • Universal cabinet-top barcode printer shelf  (Part No. 51-4929)
  • 5” dual wheel casters (Part No. 51-4681)
  • Shown: Deep Purple custom accent color (Part No. 32-0205-PC)

Deploy EVO Phlebotomy Carts throughout your facility

  • Patient floors

  • Emergency Rooms

  • Pediatrics

  • Radiology

  • Specimen Labs

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