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Patented ‘fifth wheel’ control system lets anyone guide and maneuver EVO carts with total precision – even with just one hand.

Take EVO from easy to effortless

Easy to engage

Just press the foot-switch to engage TRAC’s patented fifth wheel – you’re ready to roll and control EVO with stress-free precision.

Roll straight without drifting

Just push to guide the cart in a perfectly straight line down the longest hallways.

Take precise turns; pivot in tight spots

TRAC central pivot point enables the tightest radius for turns, and for rotating the cart in place.

Motion Control, Done Right

Unlike competitors’ ‘locked caster’ steering solutions, TRAC provides superior, centered directional stability – and a central pivot point for the smallest possible turning radius. Roll straight down long hallways and take the tightest turns in total control, without drifting. Spin the cart to face any direction no matter how close the quarters. TRAC eliminates so much strain and wasted motion, you’ll wonder how you ever rolled through a shift without it.

“I can’t believe how controlled the cart is when walking down hallways…it’s so much safer and easier to use.”
- Nurse feedback from hands-on TRAC testing

Feel the Difference TRAC Makes – Schedule a Demo

Let your nurses take TRAC for a test drive – they’ll instantly feel and appreciate they precision control they’ll have over their carts. Contact Jaco to schedule a demo of EVO with TRAC Motion Control at your hospital.

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