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Why Jaco

Infection Control

Your Partner in Eradicating Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)

Did you know that hospital acquired infections account for more than 100,000 deaths annually nationwide, and billions of dollars in associated costs? Jaco makes infection control a top design priority and a pervasive design element in all our carts – to protect your patients, your caregivers, your reputation and your bottom line.

A Comprehensive Approach
  • Antimicrobial, top to bottom. Every metal Jaco cart component (not just the parts nurses touch) is finished with a non-porous, silver-infused antimicrobial powder coat that stops the growth of pathogens on contact, and stands up the most vigorous disinfectant methods.
  • Ready now for UV disinfection. Our metal components and antimicrobial finish can undergo UV-B and UV-C disinfection – procedures which can damage or even melt plastic carts – with zero impact to cart structure and minimal impact to surface finish gloss over time.
  • Our carts even look cleaner. A clean appearance matters to patients. For as long as you own them, your Jaco carts look as white and fresh as when they first rolled onto your hospital floor.

Infection Control Insight

Visit Jaco Inc.’s Infection Control Resource Center for more research and information on HAI prevention, cart disinfection, COVID-19 and more.

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