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2 EVO Lite Tablet Cart Right Side View
3 EVO Lite Tablet Cart Overhead Worksurface View
4 EVO Lite Tablet Cart with Medical Supply Basket and Cleaning Wipes Holder Left Side Full Cart View
5 EVO Lite Tablet Cart with Single Locking Drawer and Cleaning Wipes Holder Right Full Cart View

Jaco EVO™ Lite
Tablet Cart

Rolling adjustable-height medical workstation for Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, other leading tablets

The EVO Lite Tablet cart is designed specifically for tablets—and specifically for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities. It’s incredibly light solid and compact, yet solid, stable, strong and remarkably well equipped. Use the EVO Lite Tablet Cart as a rolling kiosk for patient registration, or at the point of care for telehealth/telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, charting and document and much more. Like all EVO mobile medical workstations, the EVO Lite Tablet Cart is backed by an industry-best 10-year warranty.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports all leading tablets including the latest Apple iPad/iPad Pro/iPad Air and Microsoft Surface/Surface Pro/Surface Go models
  • Pivoting tablet holder allows 360º pan, 120º tilt, and 360º portrait-to-landscape rotation for patient engagement from any viewing angle
  • Exclusive EVO Comfort Glide Lift Technology enables instant, silent, one-handed height adjustment
  • Light weight but heavy-duty—98% metal by weight, but starts at just 27 lbs
  • Zero maintenance by design and backed by Jaco’s industry-best 10-year warranty
Medical grade Icon

Purpose-Built, Medical-Grade Tablet Cart

•  Superior infection control. Smooth, non-porous antimicrobial finish withstands UV-B and UV-C sterilization.

•  Multiple healthcare applications. Perfect for telehealth, patient registration, remote patient monitoring and other healthcare applications.

•  Highly customizable. Add scanners, baskets, storage and more.

Ergonomic Comfort Icon

Light, Ergonomic and
Easy for Nurses to Use

•  Comfort Glide Lift Technology. Instant, silent, one-handed height adjustment—even while rolling the cart.

•  Virtually unrestricted tablet positioning. Unique curved tablet stand and swivel tablet mount enables patient engagement from virtually any viewing angle.

•  Research-based ergonomics. Designed top-to-bottom to reduce nurse stress, fatigue and injuries.

•  Stable and balanced. Precision weight distribution for easier rolling, greater nurse and patient and nurse safety.

•  ‘Underbed’ base. Low-profile base—just 6” high—fits under most patient beds for closest patient engagement.

Streamlines Icon

Low-touch and
Reliable for IT Staff

•  Ready for rapid deployment. Ships assembled, with large cable bay and intelligent cable management for the fastest possible integration and rollout.

•  Durable metal construction. Built from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and welded steel.

•  Engineered for reliability. Parts designed and refined for minimal wear and tear over time.

•  Zero-maintenance by design. No maintenance required beyond periodic cleaning.

Smarter Point of Care Icon

A Smart, Lasting
Investment for Hospitals

•  Hospital-strong. Engineered for 10+ years use in busy hospital and healthcare environments.

•  Designed to adapt. Switch or upgrade tablets easily and inexpensively.

•  Investment protection. Industry-best 10-year limited warranty.

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Technical Specs

Device Support*
Apple iPad Air 9.7”
Apple iPad 10.2” (Gen 7, 9, 10)
Apple iPad and iPad Pro 12.9” (Gen 2, 3, 4)
Microsoft Surface Pro (3, 4, 6, 7/7+, 8, 9, X)
Tablet Mount Swivel
360º pan, 120º tilt, and 360º portrait-to-landscape rotation
Worksurface Size
13.1”w x 12.75”l
Worksurface height adjustment
29.75” to 45.25” (15.5”)
Max. Drawers
2 ClearView (Locking optional)
Cable bay
9.5”w x 12.24”l x 1.75”d
4 (2 locking casters)
Base Dimensions
15.75”W x 18.5”L x 6”H
Starting Weight
27 lbs.
10-Year Limited Warranty
*Available VESA Tablet Mount plate enables use with any tablet attached to a VESA-compatible tablet holder.

Jaco Promise Care

Standard customer support included with every Jaco product
  • Product training for your nurses, clinicians, and IT staff
  • Support from Jaco engineers who helped build your medical cart
  • 2-hour response time during business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET)
  • Proactive performance reviews, periodically or at your request
  • Full in-warranty part availability
  • On-site support (if required) from a Jaco Factory-Certified Technician
10 year warranty


EVO Lite is covered by the following Jaco warranties:

10-Year Warranty on all Jaco-manufactured standard structural components, dress covers, and the Comfort Glide Lift Technology™ assembly

7-Year Warranty on all Jaco-manufactured optional components and cart accessories

3-Year Warranty on all OEM-supplied components and accessories, and all Jaco electrical components

Terms and conditions apply. For more information or a complete warranty statement contact your Jaco representative.

Optional Services

• Unloading and unpacking your carts (includes disposal of packaging)

• ‘White glove’ loading dock service

• Factory or on-site PC imaging and integration

Premium Service Coverage Plans

• Gold Coverage: Warranties for OEM parts, electronic components and Jaco LiFePO4 batteries extended to 5 years

• Platinum Coverage: Gold Coverage, plus on-site service/repairs by Jaco Factory-Certified Technicians

• Titanium Coverage: Platinum Coverage, plus expedited part shipment and on-site service/repair

• À La Carte Coverage: Customers can purchase extended warranties, part shipment and on-site labor coverage individually for one or multiple years. Ask your Jaco representative for details.

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