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1 EVO 10 Locking Laptop Cart Left Side View 1
2 EVO 10 Locking Laptop Cart Right Side View 1
3 EVO 10 Locking Laptop Overhead Worksurface View
4 EVO 10 Locking Laptop Cart Rear Side View
5 EVO 10 Locking Laptop Cart with Hot Swappable Battery Power Rear Side View of Hot Swappable Battery Carrier

Jaco EVO™ Locking Medical Laptop Cart

A versatile powered or non-powered locking laptop computer cart for virtually any point-of-care or workflow

Only EVO mobile computer carts combine ergonomic ‘nurse-first’ design, innovative functionality, lightweight metal construction, and proven reliability backed by the industry’s best warranties. Our most flexible and customizable medical laptop cart, this EVO is well-suited to large-scale EMR/EHR rollouts, mission critical hospital and healthcare workflows, or custom configurations for specialized patient care applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Holds any laptop (Windows, MacBook, Chromebook) up to 17”
  • Available with rechargeable on-board LiFePO4 or hot-swappable LiFePO4 power supply
  • Exclusive Comfort Glide Lift Technology™ for instant, silent, one-handed height adjustment
  • Lightweight aircraft-grade metal construction
  • UV-ready antimicrobial powder coat finish for superior infection control
  • Zero-maintenance by design, with an industry-best 10-year warranty
EVO 10 Locking Laptop Cart with dual Locking medication storage drawers and combination cleaning wipes holder and medical supply basket and corded bar
Medical grade Icon

Medical-Grade Durability and Reliability

EVO is up to 98% metal by weight, with a welded steel tube frame and an aircraft-grade aluminum body for incredible lightweight strength and durability. It’s a true medical-grade mobile workstation.

•  Superior infection control. All metal surfaces are finished with non-porous, antimicrobial powder coat that withstands UV sterilization.

•  Exceptional power system reliability. Unique design mounts inverter charger high on the cart, away from damaging floor-borne dust and dirt.

•  Clinical asset management. Available Jaco Care™ tracks power supply levels, battery health, cart location, support tickets and more.

Ergonomic Comfort Icon

Ergonomic Comfort
for Nurses and Caregivers

Equipped with full-shift power, EVO starts at just 73 pounds. Precision-balanced design helps nurses roll and steer EVO with 27% less exertion for effortless maneuverability.

•  One-handed height adjustment. Comfort Glide lets anyone raise or lower the worksurface with just one hand – and without the added weight and noise of powered lift.

•  Research-based ergonomics. Keyboard trays, mouse trays and storage drawers designed specifically to prevent nurse injuries.

•  An efficient bedside laptop workspace. Combines the convenience of a mobile laptop cart with the working comfort of a full-sized keyboard, mouse and worksurface.

Versatility Icon

Any Clinical Workflow

EVO carts can be customized for virtually any healthcare workflow and patient care applications, including registration, rounding, telemedicine, vaccination, phlebotomy and much more.

•  Up to 6* storage per cart. Choose from 3 bin sizes for storing medical supplies and medications.

•  Full range of cart accessories. Mount barcode and document scanners, cameras, printers, and medical equipment.

*Max. 4 drawers with hot-swappable power

Smarter Point of Care Icon

A Smarter Point-of-Care Investment

By eliminating unnecessary expense, EVO is changing point-of-care device economics at hospitals nationwide.

•  Zero maintenance. Requires no scheduled or recommended maintenance beyond regular cleaning.

•  No service contract needed. Fewer than 1% of EVO customers purchase service coverage.

•  Industry-best 10-year warranty. Replace carts 2-3 times less often.

Streamlines Icon

Streamlines and Simplifies
EMR/EHR Rollouts

EVO ships fully assembled, with smart cable management for rapid integration.

•  Ships 4 units to a skid. Requires 50-75% less space in your receiving and staging areas.

•  Expert rollout support. Match delivery schedules to your receiving and integration capacity.

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Model Part Numbers

Technical Specs

All EVO Locking Laptop Carts
Max. Laptop Screen Size
17.3” diag
Laptop Screen Slot
16.5” x 2.75”
Worksurface Size
20”w x 18”d (minus screen slot)
Worksurface Height Range
33” to 46.5”
Device Bay
16”w x 13”d x 3”h
13”w (front) x 16”d x 8.5”h
Four 4” (2 locking)
10-year limited

Capacity250 Wh500 Wh250 Wh500 Wh
Output120V AC, 180W120V AC, 180W120V AC, 180W120V AC, 180W
Charge Time< 2 hours to ≥ 90%< 2 hours to ≥ 90%< 2 hours to ≥ 90%< 2 hours to ≥ 90%
Cycle Life4,0004,0004,0004,000
Max. Drawers6666
Drawer e-Lock-
Jaco Care--
Starting Weight69 lbs.74 lbs.69 lbs.74 lbs.
What's IncludedEVO 10 Powered Locking Laptop Cart, LiFePO4 Battery, Charge Cord, Keyboard Tray, Mouse Tray.
Computer Keyboard, Mouse and other computer equipment and peripherals not included.
Warranty10-Year Limited; Batteries: 3 Years / 4,000 Cycles; Electronic Components: 3 Years; OEM Components: 3 Years

Capacity472 Wh472 Wh472 Wh
Output120V AC, 120W120V AC, 120W120V AC, 120W
Charge Time (Charger)< 2 hours to ≥ 90%< 2 hours to ≥ 90%< 2 hours to ≥ 90%
Charge Time (On cart)-4 hours4 hours
Cycle Life4,0004,0004,000
Max. Drawers444
Drawer e-Lock-
Jaco Care--
Starting Weight74 lbs.74 lbs.74 lbs.
What's IncludedEVO 20 Powered Locking Laptop Cart, Keyboard Tray, Mouse Tray.
LiFePO4 Batteries, PowerBlade Battery Charger, Computer, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and other computer equipment and peripherals not included.
Warranty10-Year Limited; Batteries: 3 Years / 4,000 Cycles; Electronic Components: 3 Years; OEM Components: 3 Years

Max. Drawers6
Drawer e-Lock-
Starting Weight52 lbs.
What's IncludedEVO 10 Locking Laptop Cart, Power Cord, Keyboard Tray, Mouse Tray.
Computer, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and other computer equipment and peripherals not included.
Warranty10-Year Limited; Batteries: 3 Years / 4,000 Cycles; Electronic Components: 3 Years; OEM Components: 3 Years

Jaco Promise Care

Standard customer support included with every Jaco product
  • Product training for your nurses, clinicians, and IT staff
  • Support from Jaco engineers who helped build your medical cart
  • 2-hour response time during business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET)
  • Proactive performance reviews, periodically or at your request
  • Full in-warranty part availability
  • On-site support (if required) from a Jaco Factory-Certified Technician
10 year warranty


EVO carts are covered by the following Jaco warranties:

10-Year Warranty on all Jaco-manufactured standard structural components, dress covers, and the Comfort Glide Lift Technology™ assembly

7-Year Warranty on all Jaco-manufactured optional components and cart accessories

3-Year/4,000-Cycle Warranty on all Jaco on-board or hot-swappable LiFePO4 batteries

3-Year Warranty on all OEM-supplied components and accessories, and all Jaco electrical components

Terms and conditions apply. For more information or a complete warranty statement contact your Jaco representative.

Optional Services

• Unloading and unpacking your carts (includes disposal of packaging)

• ‘White glove’ loading dock service

• Factory or on-site PC imaging and integration

Premium Service Coverage Plans

• Gold Coverage: Warranties for OEM parts, electronic components and Jaco LiFePO4 batteries extended to 5 years

• Platinum Coverage: Gold Coverage, plus on-site service/repairs by Jaco Factory-Certified Technicians

• Titanium Coverage: Platinum Coverage, plus expedited part shipment and on-site service/repair

• À La Carte Coverage: Customers can purchase extended warranties, part shipment and on-site labor coverage individually for one or multiple years. Ask your Jaco representative for details.

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