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On-board or hot-swap, Jaco power solutions give you more power to choose, more power to scale, and more power to control your costs.

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Plug-In Power: Reliable, By Design

Unique ‘split electronics’ power system runs cleaner and cooler – and delivers 99.75% reliability.

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Hot-Swap Power: Flexible, By Design

Choose 100% cordless or optional on-cart charging to meet all workflow requirements and nurse preferences

Power Both 1

All Power: Investment Protection, By Design

Build a right-sized cart fleet that meets your needs today and scales affordably as workflows change.

LiFePO4 On-Board Power

Jaco’s exclusive ‘split electronics’ design positions the inverter/charger high on the cart – separate from the batteries, and away from floor-borne dust and dirt that can clog or damage the system.

  • Unmatched reliability. On average, Jaco customers report problems with fewer than .25% of Jaco plug-in power systems per year.
  • Easy access. Inspect or service the system from a comfortable seated or standing position, without hoisting the cart.
  • An extra measure of infection control. Jaco’s raised power system electronics do not recirculate floor-borne microbes and pathogens back into the air.
  • Fast charging. Batteries charge to >90% capacity in <2 hours.
  • LiFePO4 safety. Unlike other lithium batteries, Jaco’s lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells are not vulnerable to thermal runaway while charging or fully charged.
  • 4,000 cycles, guaranteed. Over 95% of Jaco LiFePO4 on-board batteries 3-6 years old are still in use.

Power Blade™ LiFePO4 Hot-Swap Power

The industry’s pioneering LiFePO4 hot-swappable power system – now with even longer runtimes and greater flexibility.

  • Proven dual-battery system. 476 Wh total capacity for 24 x 7 mobile power with minimal swapping per shift.
  • Now available with on-cart charging. Choose 100% cordless or hybrid hot-swap – support all nurses’ charging preferences and clinical workflow requirements.
  • Safe LiFePO4 battery chemistry. Power Blade hot-swap batteries are not vulnerable to thermal runaway, which leads to overheating and fires in other lithium battery types.
  • Industry-fastest charging. Charge batteries to > 90% capacity in < 2 hours with the Power Blade charger.
  • 2-3x longer battery life. EVO Power Blade batteries are rated and warrantied for 4,000 recharge cycles.

Download the brochure (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Learn More – or See It Live

Contact Jaco or your Jaco representative to learn more about EVO LiFePO4 power solutions. Or schedule a Live Factory Tele-Demo, direct from Jaco’s Corporate and Manufacturing Headquarters.

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