Plug-in or hot-swap, Jaco’s innovative lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) power solutions give you more power to choose, more power to scale, and more power to control your costs.

Plug-In Power: More Reliable, By Design

Jaco’s unique ‘split electronics’ power system design results in cleaner operation, easier maintenance, and an unmatched track record of durability and reliability.

Hot-Swap Power: Smarter, By Design

Industry-fastest charging and dual-battery design enables true continuous care; software-free monitoring and long battery life simplifies management and lowers TCO.

All Power: Flexible and Scalable, By Design

Jaco power protects your investment: Build a right-sized, cost-effective EHR cart fleet that meets your needs today and scales affordably as workflows change. 

LiFePO4 Plug-In Power

Jaco’s exclusive ‘split electronics’ design positions the inverter/charger high on the cart – separate from the batteries, and away from floor-borne dust and dirt that can clog or damage the system. It’s a simple, smart design change that yields big advantages.

  • Unmatched reliability. On average, Jaco customers report problems with fewer than .5% of Jaco plug-in power systems per year.
  • Simpler, less-frequent maintenance. Any maintenance can be performed from a comfortable seated or standing position, without hoisting the cart.
  • An extra measure of infection control. Jaco’s raised power system electronics do not recirculate floor-borne microbes and pathogens back into the air.
  • Fast charging. Batteries charge to full capacity in 2.5 hours or less.
  • LiFePO4 safety. Unlike other lithium batteries, Jaco’s lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells are not vulnerable to thermal runaway while charging or fully charged.
  • 4,000 cycles, guaranteed. Over 95% of Jaco LiFePO4 batteries 3-6 years old are still in use.

LiFePO4 Hot-Swap Power

Jaco’s dual-battery hot-swap is a ‘true’ hot-swap solution: The cart can run for hours on the second battery after the first batter runs down.​ Compare to single-battery solutions with back-up power that gives nurses minutes or less to swap.

  • Swapping never interrupts care. Hours-long swap window gives nurses the flexibility to swap on their schedule.
  • Industry-fastest 2.5-hour charge time. Fresh batteries are ready faster and fewer spares are required.
  • No monitoring software required. Reliable, long-lasting Jaco batteries don’t need the constant monitoring other hot-swap batteries require. An LED on the battery charger clearly and quickly indicates when a battery is nearing end-of-life.
  • Long battery life for lower supply chain costs. Batteries are rated and warranted for 4,000 cycles – up to 3x longer than the competition.
  • Cover your workflows with fewer carts. Customers estimate that Jaco hot-swap has reduced their fleet size as much as 30%.

Schedule a Demonstration

See first-hand how Jaco’s flexible, scalable EHR cart power solutions can improve patient care, simplify fleet management, and lower your cost of ownership. Contact your Jaco representative for more information, or to schedule a demonstration at your hospital.

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