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Custom Computer Workstation Solutions for Your Industry

Think outside the box: Bring Jaco’s state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and 50 years’ experience to the development and production of your custom fixed or mobile computer workstation solution.

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Build innovative workstation solutions and lasting customer relationships.

Bring us your ideas.
Jaco has 50 years’ experience turning our clients’ vision into durable, reliable, elegant workstation designs that solve your customers’ and users’ problems.

Customize an existing solution or start from scratch.
Start with one of our best-selling healthcare, manufacturing, government or business/office workstation solutions, and modify it to meet your specific requirements. Or work with us to create your own original design.

Work with seasoned experts and state-of-the-art capabilities.
Jaco has the engineering expertise, rapid prototyping capability, and fully-equipped manufacturing facility you need to design, test, and produce your solution – and to continually refine and improve solutions with every production run.

Exceed your customers’ expectations.
We began our business helping Fortune 500 companies and technology leaders – Motorola, Cisco, Raytheon – meet their daily delivery requirements, quality standards and customers high expectations. We’ll bring that same experience to your project.

Leverage our manufacturing capabilities and design expertise


Tooling & Machining

Turret Punching

Robotic Press Break Forming

Robotic Welding

Hardware Insertion

Part Finishing

Powder Coating

Silk Screening & Logo Printing

Design & Engineering

Industrial Design

Ergonomics & Human Factors

Infection Control

Rapid Prototyping

Portable Power System Design

Assembly & Test

Automated Inspection

Agile Process for Iterative Improvement

Take the next step

Our team and resources are ready to discuss your unique workstation solution. To get started, call 800-649-2277 and schedule an appointment with a Jaco product development expert.

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