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Spend less time servicing carts, more time innovating

EVO durability and reliability enables low- to no-touch EHR workstation management – so your team can focus on mission-critical IT initiatives that improve patient outcomes and hospital profitability.

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Hospital-strong metal construction

EVO is 98% aircraft-grade metal by weight and finished with a high-gloss antimicrobial powder coat that never cracks, chips or fades.

Reliability by design

EVO is designed and continually refined to eliminate potential failure points and reduce wear and tear on parts.

Exclusive clean power system

EVO’s inverter/charger (see photo) is mounted high on the cart, away from floor-borne dirt that can clog or damage the system. (It’s a lot faster and easier to access, too.)

Maintenance free

EVO requires no scheduled preventative maintenance beyond periodic cleaning, and no scheduled downtime.

Rapid roll-out

EVO ships assembled and cable-ready for the fastest possible integration, configuration and time-to-value.

Built and backed for 10-year deployments

EVO’s industry-leading 10-year warranty lets you budget far less for replacements and refreshes – and more for transformational IT.

The best service plan is a trouble-free product.

Find out how much time, trouble and money your IT team can save – and how much more work you can get done – with reliable, maintenance-free, long-lasting EVO workstations.

Call 800-649-2278 to speak directly with a Jaco representative. Or schedule a Live Factory Tele-Demo to see EVO features in action, via teleconference from Jaco’s corporate headquarters.


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EVO For Nurses:

Enter patient data
without discomfort of distraction

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EVO For Administrators:

Change point-of-care workstation
economics, forever

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