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Why Jaco


Committed to Nurse Comfort

Musculoskeletal injuries account for the largest share of nurse injuries resulting in two or more days off from work, and contribute significantly to the $2+ billion in hopitals’ worker compensation losses every year. That’s why we design and continually refine Jaco carts to put less stress on nurse’s muscles, bones and joints.

We design for shift-long comfort.

Nurses walk miles every shift, so we walk a mile in their shoes. We study every medical department and care setting – from patient rooms, to ICUs, to frenetic ERs. Then we build our carts to move effortlessly, adjust comfortably, and prevent nurse strain and injury wherever they go – from the longest widest hallways to the narrowest gaps between patient beds.

We design based on research, not trends.

We constantly track ergonomic research, regulatory best practices, and the latest workplace safety news and statistics as they relate to our cart designs. And we consult with ergonomics experts at hospitals across the country. For example, our raised mouse tray – a Jaco exclusive – is a direct result of findings by the Cornell Human Factors and Ergonomics Research Group. And instead of burdening our carts with slow, noisy, electric-powered height adjustments that drive cart weight well over 100 lbs., we developed Comfort Glide – instant, silent, one-handed height adjustment that actually makes our EVO carts lighter and easier to roll.

Get Ergonomic Insights

At Jaco’s Ergonomic Resource Center you’ll find research-based guidance, tips and tools nurses can use to avoid stress, strain and musculoskeletal injury.

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