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EVO Documentation Carts

Fully equipped mobile EMR/EHR workstations for efficient documentation and charting at the point of care.

Help nurses focus on accurate documentation and better care

EVO documentation carts are built for ergonomic comfort and uninterrupted performance—so nurses can fully engage patients and focus on fast, accurate data entry, coding and documentation.

Doc cart main
Lightweight and maneuverable

Up to 45% lighter and 29% easier to roll, with a compact profile that’s easy to maneuver through tight spaces and crowded patient rooms.

Research-based ergonomics

Instant, silent, one-handed Comfort-Glide height adjustment; easy-to-access side-opening EVO ClearView Storage drawers; generous worksurface and well-positioned tools.

Superior infection control; UV-ready

The high-gloss, bright white antimicrobial finish always looks fresh, wipes clean easily and stands up to UV-B and UV-C sterilization.

Versatile and adaptable

Equip carts for any documentation, rounding or point-of-care workflow—and modify easily when requirements change.

A durable, reliable, smart investment

EVO documentation carts are 98% aircraft-grade metal by weight, and backed by our industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Popular EVO Documentation Cart Configurations

Choose below or create your own custom configuration

LCD Documentation Cart

Full-sized, full-shift powered medical cart for virtually any documentation workflow.
  • EVO LCD cart with 500 Wh LiFePO4 power system*
  • EVO ClearView 7” drawer(e-lock)
  • Corded barcode scanner holder
  • Label/wristband printer mount
  • 5″ diameter wipes holder

*Also available with POWER BLADE hot-swappable LiFePO4 476 Wh power system

Locking Laptop Documentation Cart

Lightweight, durable powered laptop documentation cart
  • EVO locking laptop cart with 250 Wh LiFePO4 power system
  • EVO ClearView double-drawer cabinet with two 3” drawers (eLock)
  • Corded barcode scanner holder
  • Label/wristband printer mount
  • 5” diameter wipes holder

Podium Laptop Documentation Cart

Sturdy, ultra-lightweight documentation cart—an easy-to-share, cost-effective solution
  • EVO podium laptop cart
  • Laptop bar lock/security bridle
  • EVO ClearView Storage 3” drawer
  • Corded barcode scanner holder
  • Label/wristband printer mount
  • 5″ diameter wipes holder

Build the documentation cart you need

Add accessories to support a full range of workflow requirements
3 Medical Grade Cleaning Wipes Holder 3

Wipes holders

1 Medical Documentation Basket for Binders and Other Materials 6
Wire baskets
5 Wireless Scanner Base Mount for Barcode Scanning of Medication and Patient Identification Bracelet 6

Wireless barcode scanner mounts

7 Corded Powered Barcode Scanner Holder

Corded scanner holders

6 Small Label Printer for Medical Records 1

Label/wristband printer mounts

glove box holders (1)

Medical glove box holders

9 Large Worksurface Utility Cup for Medical Supplies

Worksurface utility cup


Laptop bar lock (security bridle)

21 Medical Grade Dual Wheel Casters

5″ dual swivel casters

18 Height Adjustable Monitor VESA Stand

Height-adjustable VESA mount

23 Single Locking Drawer for Medication and Medical Supplies

Single 3″ ClearView Storage drawer

clearview double 3 3

Double 3″/3″ ClearView Storage drawers

clearview double 7

7″ ClearView Storage drawer

25 Triple Locking Drawers for Medication and Medical Supplies

Triple 3″/3″/3″ ClearView Storage drawers

24 Small and Large Locking Drawers for Medication and Medical Supplies

3″/7″ ClearView Storage drawers

27 2 Pack of Standard Storage Bins for Medication and Medical Supplies for Locking Storage Drawers

Standard med bins (2-pack)

28 Large Storage Bins for Medication and Medical Supplies for Locking Storage Drawers

Wide med bins (1-pack)

12 3 Pack of Mini Storage Bins for Medication and Medical Supplies for Locking Storage Drawers 2

Mini med bins (3-pack)

Med Bin Dividers (1)

Med bin dividers

See all accessories and parts in our Parts Library.

Ideal for virtually any use case

Patient Registration


Patient Triage


General Medicine / Surgery

Recovery Room

Emergency Room

Intensive Care

Medical Offieces

Lab / Clean Room

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