EVO Wall Arm

NEW – Featuring Comfort Glide Lift Technology™

Jaco’s new EVO Wall Arm brings the EVO cart’s groundbreaking Comfort Glide Lift Technology™, maintenance-free reliability and proven sustainable value to a truly innovative wall-mounted EHR workstation.

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Breakthrough EVO innovation – now in a wall-arm workstation

Comfort Glide Lift Technology™
Smooth, instant, silent and effortless height adjustment
Adapts easily to hardware upgrades
Supports LCDs and all-in-one PCs up to 24” (diagonal)
Extra-large keyboard case
Doubles as spacious worksurface with built-in mouse retention
Stable and fully adjustable
Multiple articulation points; Extended model available
Fully assembled and cable-ready
Fast, easy deployment; options for multiple mounting tracks
Built to last - because it’s an EVO
Lightweight aluminum and steel construction; 10-year warranty

Explore All the Features

Adaptable by design to protect your investment

The EVO Wall Arm’s Comfort Glide adjusts easily to provide perfect lift assistance for LCDs or all-in-one PCs up to 24” diagonal, weighing from 5 to 20+ pounds. Upgrade your hardware as your IT needs change, without replacing your wall arm.

Learn More – or See it Live

Contact Jaco or your Jaco representative to learn more about the EVO Wall Arm workstation – or to schedule a Live Factory Tele-Demo, direct from Jaco’s Corporate and Manufacturing Headquarters.

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