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Jaco EVO

Carts optimized for ‘the last 100 yards’ to bring medications safely and securely to the bedside.

Discover the industry’s lightest, easiest-to-use, most reliable medication carts

Medication and pharmacy carts don’t have to be heavy and bulky – but they do need to be safe for patients and easy for nurses to use. Let Jaco EVO Medication Carts lighten the workload for your nurses, and help reduce risk of medication errors.

EVO Pharmacy Carts
Remarkably light and compact

Starting weight with 6 drawers under 100 pounds (!), with a small-footprint, low-profile ‘under bed’ base that enables easy maneuverability and close patient interaction.

High-capacity, highly versatile storage

Choose side-opening EVO ClearView storage, front-opening bin storage, or both. Configure up to 18 individual med bins per cart.

Easy to clean and UV-ready

The high-gloss antimicrobial finish on every metal surface – always looks fresh, easily wipes clean and stands up to UV sterilization.

Durable and reliable

Jaco Pharmacy Carts are 98% aircraft-grade metal by weight – and backed by Jaco’s industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Ideal for virtually any use case

Pharmacy & Pharmacy Delivery

Operating Room

COVID-19 Screening

Inpatient Oncology

Respiratory Therapy

General Medicine / Surgery

Recovery Room

Emergency Room

IV Therapy / Phlebotomy

Stepdown Units

Vaccination Centers

Intensive Care

Coronary Care

Labor / Delivery

Patient Rounding

Medical Offices

Popular Jaco Medication Cart Models

EVO LCD Bedside Medication and Supply Cart

This cart includes full-shift LiFePO4 power, 4 standard medication drawers (12 med bins total) plus a large storage drawer for supplies, an easy-to-reach scanner base mount, extra-large dual-wheel casters and Jaco’s exclusive TRAC Motion Control System.

  • Jaco EVO LCD cart with 500 Wh LiFePO4 Power System (Part No. EVO-20-ES-L500)
  • EVO ClearView Dual 3”/7” Drawer Cabinet with Touch Pad Lock (Part No. 72-0569)
  • EVO ClearView Triple 3” Drawer Cabinet with Touch Pad Lock (Part No. 73-0837)
  • Five (5) Small Storage Bin Kits (Part No. 51-4751)
  • Scanner Mount (Part No. 51-3648)
  • 5” Dual-Wheel Casters (Part No. 51-4837)
  • TRAC Motion Control System (Part No. 51-4874)

EVO Laptop Pharmacy / Bedside Medication Cart

A lightweight med administration workhorse, this cart includes 6 medication drawers (18 med bins) and Jaco’s fast-charging, scalable 250-Wh LiFePO4 power system that’s ideal for laptops.

  • Jaco EVO Laptop Locking cart with 250 Wh LiFePO4 Power System (Part No. EVO-10-ES-L250)
  • Two (2) EVO ClearView Triple 3 Drawer Cabinets with Touch Pad Lock (Part No. 73-0837)
  • Six (6) Small Storage Bin Kits (Part No. 51-4751)
  • Scanner Mount (Part No. 51-3648)
  • 5” Dual-Wheel Casters (Part No. 51-4837)

Schedule a Tele-Demo

Ready to learn more? Let Jaco experts walk you through the features of our EVO medication carts – live via teleconference from our corporate headquarters.

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