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ClearView Storage turns storage 90 degrees – to make working with supplies and medications 100% easier.

Side-opening drawers put a feel-good spin on storage

More Comfort

ClearView lets nurses view and access drawer contents with less bending and stretching – and without retracting the keyboard or stepping back from the cart.

More Confidence

Side-opening ClearView drawers take up less space – nurses can work less awkwardly, more confidently between patient beds or in any crowded area.

More Combinations

Choose up to 3 ClearView drawers per side for up to 6 total – or combine with EVO standard bin storage for a truly custom EHR storage solution.

See the Difference

EVO ClearView Storage reduces opportunities for errors by making it easier for nurses to shift focus between the computer screen and med drawers while ‘keeping their place’ in EHR applications

  • Available in 1-drawer to 6-drawer configurations, with 3 different bin sizes
  • Lightweight metal construction; smooth antimicrobial finish for superior infection control (just like our carts)
  • Electronic locking available
  • 7-year warranty

Feel the Difference

ClearView enables bedside care with

  • Less bending. Side-by-side configuration enables more drawers mounted higher.
  • Less repeated and wasted motion. Access drawers without retracting keyboard or stepping back from cart.
  • Fewer awkward movements, especially in tight spaces – because ClearView requires less space around the cart to operate.

Schedule a Demonstration

Experience first-hand how EVO ClearView Storage can make life easier for nurses at the point of care. Contact Jaco or your authorized Jaco reseller to schedule a demonstration at your hospital.

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