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EVO For Hospital Administration

Finally: Workstation economics that make sense.

Hospital margins are under greater pressure than ever. EVO carts and wall arms help you respond by eliminating expensive service coverages, minimizing cost and risk, and delivering unmatched sustained value.

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No service contracts needed

Fewer than 1 percent of EVO customers purchase service contracts for their carts – and those who do rarely use them.

Reduced supply chain costs

Over 95% of Jaco on-board LiFePO4 batteries aged 3-6 years are still in use. And Jaco’s LiFePO4 hot-swappable batteries are rated and warranted to last 2 to 3 times longer than others.

Safer for clinicians and patients

EVO’s light weight and exceptional ergonomics help minimize the risk of costly nurse injuries and compensation claims. Pervasive infection control and safe LiFePO4 battery chemistry reduce the risk of hospital-associated infections (HAIs) and dangerous battery fires.

Engineered to be a lasting, high-value investment

EVO is evolved from earlier Jaco cart models that are still in use after 16 years or more in some of America’s biggest and busiest hospitals.

10-year warranty

Service contracts and extended warranties amount to expensive bets that every workstation in your fleet will fail. Instead, Jaco bets that every EVO will last and last – by backing every EVO with the best warranty in the industry.

Change point-of-care economics forever – and for the better.

There has never been a worse time for “business-as-usual” EHR cart ownership – and there has never been a better time for safe, reliable, long-lasting EVO carts and wall-arm EHR workstations.

Call 800-649-2278 to speak directly with a Jaco representative. Or schedule a Live Factory Tele-Demo to see EVO features in action, via teleconference from Jaco’s corporate headquarters.


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EVO For Nurses:

Enter patient data
without discomfort of distraction

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Spend less time managing carts,
more time innovating

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