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Mobile and Wall-Mounted Computer Workstations for EHR

Jaco EVO™ brand EHR carts, wall arms and wall cabinets set the healthcare industry standard for nurse comfort, reliable performance, and proven sustainable value.

nurse standing next to evo cart

Reduce risks and costs at the point of care

Relieve nurses’ #1 EHR cart pain point
Your nurses lift almost 2 tons and walk up to 5 miles per shift – they don’t need to push a 130+ pound cart. Jaco EVO™ brand powered EHR carts are up to 45% lighter, super-compact, and precision-balanced to roll with ease.

Protect nurse health
Research-based ergonomic innovations – like Jaco’s Comfort Glide Lift Technology™ – minimize body strain and wasted motion, and help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries.

Help stop the spread of hospital acquired infections (HAIs)
Metal construction and a high-gloss antimicrobial powder coat stands up to all hospital-grade disinfectants – and to ultraviolet (UV) sterilization.

Get IT staff out of the cart repair business
Our EHR workstation reliability is unmatched in the industry – your IT team will spend less time with carts, and more time on technology initiatives that improve patient care and hospital profitability.

Make a smart, lasting investment
Eliminate wasteful service contracts. Avoid costly risks to nurse health and patient safety. Protect your investment with scalable solutions. And count on Jaco’s industry-best 10-year warranty.

featured solutions:

evo powered ehr carts

EVO Powered EHR Carts for PCs and Laptops

Built to last from aircraft-grade metal
EVO stands up to whatever your workflows require.

Starts at just 73 lbs. with full-shift power
Light, stable and perfectly balanced, EVO rolls and steers with ease, and puts much less strain on nurses’ backs, shoulders, and arms.

Comfort Glide Lift Technology™
Adjust the cart height with just one hand – and without the added weight, noise and failure point of powered lift.

Safe, fast-charging LiFePO4 power – full-shift or 24×7
All EVO on-board and hot-swap batteries use safe LiFePO4 chemistry and are warrantied for 4,000 cycles.

Superior infection control; UV-ready
A high-gloss antimicrobial finish on all metal surfaces withstands medical-grade disinfectant chemicals and UV sterilization.

Zero maintenance; no service contract needed
Fewer than 1% of EVO carts are sold with service contracts or extended warranties.

10-year limited warranty
EVO is engineered for 10+ years between refreshes to dramatically lower long-term costs.

evo lite non powered ehr carts

EVO Lite Non-Powered EHR Carts for Laptops and Tablets

The genius of EVO in a non-powered cart series
Lightweight metal construction, Comfort Glide Lift Technology, superior infection control, zero maintenance design and 10-year warranty – all in first-of-their-kind laptop and tablet carts.

EVO Lite Tablet: Compact, flexible, hospital strong
An innovative tablet mount enables patient engagement from any angle, and supports all popular tablets including the latest Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface/Surface Pro models.

EVO Lite LT1: High-productivity laptop cart
Secures laptop computers (up to 17” diag.) beneath a generous (17.5” x 11.75”), easy-to-clean ‘slotless’ worksurface – and puts every tool nurses need within easy, ergonomic reach.

EVO Lite LT2: Versatile laptop podium cart
EVO Lite LT2 starts at 27 lbs. but is 98% steel and metal by weight. It folds down to just 29.75” to store it under counters and out of the way when not in use.

evo lite non powered ehr carts
EVO WA JT 4243 opt

EVO Wall Arm EHR Workstations

Adapts to wide range of hardware
Holds LCDs and all-in-one PCs up to 24” (diagonal); standard or extra-large keyboards; thin-client and zero-client PCs.

Adjusts for maximum patient engagement
A wide range of height, tilt and independent display and keyboard swivel adjustments enable nurses to fully engage patients from multiple positions.

Provides a stable, spacious work area
One knob secures the wall arm firmly at any height. The keyboard case doubles as a 20” x 9” antimicrobial worksurface.

Saves space
Folds to just 7.5” from the wall (8.5” for the extended version); catches the mouse automatically when folded.

It’s an EVO
Aircraft-grade metal construction, Comfort Glide Lift Technology, UV-ready finish, research-based ergonomics, and a 10-year warranty.

EVO Workstations for Clinical Applications

Registration 4002 600


Fully equipped to help nurses focus on fast, accurate EHR charting and documentation. Learn more.

EVO Lite Telemed Duo 600


A flexible foundation for your current and future telehealth requirements. Learn more.

Vaccination Cart


Meet your COVID-19 vaccination challenges today, then repurpose for future workflows. Learn more.

Registration 3966 600


Optimized for ‘the last 100 yards’ to bring medications safely and securely to the bedside. Learn more.

Equip EVO for virtually any point-of-care use case

Patient Registration


Operating Room

Inpatient Oncology

COVID-19 Screening

Medication Administration

Labor / Delivery

Respiratory Therapy

General Medicine / Surgery

Recovery Room

Emergency Room

Patient Triage,
Rounding / Virtual Rounding

Quarantine Care Engagement

Vaccination Centers 

Interpretive Services

Lab / Clean Room

Virtual Rounding

Telestroke Treatment


IV Therapy / Phlebotomy 

Medical Offices

Intensive Care

Coronary Care

Specialty Consultations

Build Your Own

Jaco Mobile Business and Office Workstations are built to order to meet your exact specifications. To learn more or get started, call Jaco at 800-649-2277 and schedule an appointment with a Jaco Office expert.

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