More powerful

With two full-sized batteries per cart, POWER BLADE delivers 408 Wh total capacity, for longer runtime and fewer interruptions. In many cases, nurses can run a full shift by swapping just one battery, or none.

More practical

POWER BLADE's two batteries discharge one at a time, giving nurses hours to swap (compared to just minutes with single-battery hot-swap). It's stress-free swapping that lets nurses focus on patient care.

More affordable

Fast 2-hour charging means fewer chargers needed. Long-lasting LiFePO4 reduce supply chain costs dramatically. And 24x7 cart availability offers the potential to cover the same workflow with significantly fewer carts.
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Safe, scalable, cost-effective mobile power for any hospital department

POWER BLADE batteries

Industry-fastest 2-hour charging. Easier to have fresh batteries available with fewer chargers and extra batteries required.

3-year/4,000-cycle warranty. Significant supply chain savings compared to Li-ion hot-swap alternatives.

Safer for nurses and patients. Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries enable rapid charging without risk of thermal runaway, a leading cause of fires in other types of lithium batteries.

Locate chargers anywhere nurses want them. UL-certified chargers are available in tabletop and wall-mounting models; 4" depth that meets fire code requirements for hallway mounting.

POWER BLADE batteries on the UltraLite Model 320 cart

Fewer interruptions. Depending on computer equipment, power a full shift by swapping just one battery, or none.

Maximum mobile and utilization. Carts are always on and always mobile - never plugged in.

Lighter carts. No on-cart charger or UPS backup unit required; batteries strike an idea power (408 Wh) to weight (< 10 lbs.) balance.

Simple battery replacement. No parts to install, and no downtime.

Potential to downsize cart fleet. Jaco customers estimate 10 POWER BLADE carts can do the work of 14 or more plug-in carts.

What customers say

“Our nurses work non-stop – they can’t wait for carts to recharge, or drop what they’re doing because they have just two minutes to swap a battery. Jaco POWER BLADE’s two-battery system is the only workable solution for powered mobile carts in our clinical environment."

Rick Drass, Manager of Information Systems
Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

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