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Part Number: 51-3830

Jaco Trac Steering Control System, Shepard 4″ Single Wheel

Status: Available
51 4048

Full Specifications

Part Number
Quote Description
Product Group
Misc Accessories
Minimum Order Qty
Dimensions & Weight
Length: 9"
Width: 5"
Height: 5"
Weight: 4
Accessory Warranty: 7 Year Accessory, 3 Year Electrical, 3 Year OEM
Product Description
TRAC™ Steering System - Centered 5th Wheel Caster for Improved Handling With a simple to use foot pedal actuator, TRAC Steering System delivers the required force to help nurses move carts effortlessly through their clinical workflow process. JACO’s TRAC Steering System operates similar to the technology incorporated on a hospital bed equipped with handling controls.
Key Features
Improved Care
• Less Fatigued Nurses Provide More Consistent and Dependable Care
• Agile Steering Allows for 1 Bedside Patient Care
• Responsive Handling Makes for Faster, More Productive Clinical Rounds

User Ergonomics
• Improved Ergonomic Steering Protects the Health and Safety of Nurses
• Less Strain Reduces the Likelihood of On-the-Job Injuries
• Simple Foot Actuated Pedal Delivers Immediate Ergonomic Response

Cost Savings
• Easily Maneuverable Mobile Carts Sustain Less Costly Damage and Last Longer
• Commitment to Clinical Technology Advancements Improves Nurse Retention
• Workplace Safety Prevents Workman’s Compensation Claims
Product Details
Moving a heavy mobile cart without TRAC Steering increases a nurse’s physical strain and puts stress on their joints, knees and backs which can lead to debilitating and potentially career ending injuries. For world-classes health systems, TRAC Steering is a must have for its ability to safeguard their most valued asset, their team of healthcare professionals.
Extended Specifications
• Material - CRS with rubber center wheel
• Finish - Antimicrobial Powder Coat
What’s Included
Includes JACO Trac center wheel assembly and counter weight for Cart stability.
Part Compatibility
Includes Weight Plates

Compatibility Notes

Includes Weight Plates
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