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June 2012 Franklin, MA – JACO, an industry leader in the design and fabrication of point-of-care mobile computer carts is proud to announce the successful rollout of a new line of lithium powered UltraLite 500 mobile carts at Williamson Medical Center (WMC). Along with technology partner CDW, JACO has now equipped nurses and physicians at WMC with a true beside (EMR) Electronic Medical Recordkeeping solution. By selecting JACO’s UltraLite 500 lithium powered mobile carts caregivers are realizing full-shift mobile cart runtimes and rapid mobile cart recharging without experiencing costly interruptions in their healthcare workflow process.

In addition to the UltraLite 500 lithium powered carts, WMC has also deployed several non-powered mobile carts. Known for their sleek and simple design, The UltraLite 200 non-powered carts feature the smallest and lowest profile base footprint in the industry and a smooth and reliable height adjustment system for proper user ergonomics. The UltraLite 200 non-power carts also offer an astonishing lightweight design with a starting weight of just over 40lbs. This lightweight mobile cart helps lessen the physical toll on nurses and reduces the risk of on the job injuries. With the combination of non-powered carts and lithium power carts, WMC has outfitted their operation with a well rounded fleet of EMR devices for real-time data capturing in order to improve patient care and lower operational expenses.

Another nice feature of JACO mobile carts is that they ship fully assembled, ready for immediate deployment. Williamson Medical Center was able to receive, configure and deploy their JACO UltraLite mobile carts in under five hours. Working hand in hand with its customers, JACO looks to provide customers with a comprehensive solution from initial product selection, to deployment and the assurance of timely service and support. JACO products are designed to a minimum 10-year deployment plan which provides health systems with an ideal return on their investment.

About Williamson Medical Center:

Williamson Medical Center is a county-owned community hospital located in Franklin, Tennessee with over 500 physicians and 1,300 staff members. The highly skilled team of healthcare professionals at WMC provides the most current healthcare information, preventative and medical services to the communities of Brentwood, Franklin, Springfield and throughout the Nashville area.

Whether confronting a serious health issue or trying to prevent illness through education and screenings, patients find Williamson Medical Center aspires to exceed the expectations for customer service and quality care. Boasting a unique combination of compassion, advanced technology and clinical expertise, WMC credentialed physicians and staff is always there to safeguard the health and well-being of the community it serves. For more information on Williamson Medical Center and its services, visit them online at http://www.williamsonmedicalcenter.org

About CDW:

CDW is a leading provider of information technology solutions for business, government, education and healthcare. CDW features highly-skilled, dedicated account managers who work with customers to help them select the right technology products and services to best meet their unique needs.

CDWs team offer expertise in designing customized products, while its advanced technology engineers assist clients with the implementation and long-term management of those solutions. Areas of focus include software, network communications, notebooks, mobile devices, data storage, video monitors, desktops, and printers and solutions such as virtualization, collaboration, security, mobility, data center optimization and cloud computing. For more information on CDW visit them online http://www.cdw.com

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