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With Memorial Day just behind us, and Independence Day on the horizon, it’s a good time to discuss something that makes Jaco rare in our industry: Every Jaco product is designed, manufactured, and supported in the U.S.A. In fact Jaco has been manufacturing right here in Franklin Massachusetts for more than 45 years.

Naturally, we’re proud to keep manufacturing jobs in our country and our region. But for Jaco, ‘Made in America’ isn’t just about pride and patriotism. It’s a significant part of our commitment to continuous innovation – and to continually improving the quality and performance of the Jaco products you use every day.

The on-shore advantage

By keeping our design and manufacturing operations on-shore and in-house, we can continuously prototype, test and refine product improvements quickly and frequently – much more quickly and frequently than we could if we outsourced our manufacturing. The Comfort Glide Lift Technology on our Jaco One carts – height adjustment so reliable, we back it with a 10-year warranty – is the lastest result of our continuous refinement.

We’re able to maintain total control over the equipment and materials used to assemble and manufacture our products, and to upgrade them quickly when there’s an opportunity to cut time and cost from our production process, or improve the reliability and performance of our products. In fact Jaco recently invested nearly $1M in new automated fiber laser cutting equipment that will help us speed up production while improving product quality.

Newly installed in our Franklin, MA manufacturing plant: A state-of-the-art automated fiber laser for cutting Jaco cart parts from metal sheets.

And because we manufacture here in America, we can bring our product improvements and innovations to market faster – so our customers can realize the benefits as quickly as possible.

Continuous and rapid product improvement, and relentless refinement to eliminate failure points and improve quality – these are big reasons why Jaco products are so reliable, and why year after year we see problems with fewer than 1% of the Jaco carts in the field. ‘Made in America’ is what makes it possible.

See for yourself

If you’re ever in the Boston area, you have an open invitation to tour our manufacturing facility. See first-hand how we use the latest manufacturing techniques, right here at home, to build our latest innovations – and lasting quality – into every Jaco medical cart and point-of-care product we sell. Contact us or call at 800-649-2278 and we’d be happy to set up a tour.

Until then, enjoy the holiday and the rest of your summer!

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