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New Jaco Analytics™ Asset Management Software will be previewed at HIMSS 2019

Franklin, MA, February 11, 2019 – Jaco Inc., manufacturers of mobile and wall-mounted EHR workstations, and the leaders in durable, lightweight EHR mobility, today announced Jaco SmartTouch Analytics, a first-of-its kind asset management solution for Jaco One EVO™ EHR carts. Jaco made the announcement at the HIMSS 2019 Conference at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

“SmartTouch Analytics goes beyond the cart status and power monitoring offered in traditional fleet management solutions, and provides data and insights hospital IT managers can use to manage their Jaco EVO carts for maximum value and return on investment,” said Fred Rossini, Jaco Founder and CEO.

SmartTouch Analytics is available with the purchase of new Jaco EVO STA model EHR carts. Jaco Analytics™, the new asset management software included with these carts, will be previewed all week at HIMSS 2019, February 11-15 in Orlando, in Booth #1978.

Actual performance data for smarter decision making

The SmartTouch touchscreen control panel on EVO STA carts is equipped with built-in activity sensors and a WiFi transmitter, transforming the cart into an Internet of Things (IoT) device trackable with Jaco Analytics software. The SmartTouch sensors collect data on:

  • Motion: How far and how often the cart moves, and when
  • Usage: How often the cart is used for care
  • Location: The cart’s location relative to hospital WiFi access points,
  • Battery performance: Battery age and complete charging history

SmartTouch transmits the data to Jaco Analytics’ graphical dashboard where IT managers can get a regularly updated snapshot of fleet performance, identify new opportunities for improving cart performance, or quickly spot carts that bear watching or need attention.

For example, instead of performing preventative maintenance for all carts on an arbitrary schedule, IT managers can prioritize maintenance for carts with the most ‘mileage.’ Carts that move very little or not at all can be reassigned to departments with a greater need for mobility. Carts that haven’t been charged in several days can be quickly located and checked for service or maintenance issues.

Intelligence for lowering TCO, improving ROI

In addition, Jaco Analytics compiles and stores all cart data in an SQL back-end database. This allows IT managers to create their own queries and custom reports that can reveal even more about how their carts are used – and even more opportunities for smarter, more cost-effective asset management.

“With SmartTouch Analytics, for the first time IT managers can make better management and purchase decisions based on actual real-time and historical cart performance data, rather than just optics or artificial schedules,” said Tom Bagley, Vice President of Engineering at Jaco. “On the most basic level, they can learn if their investment in EHR mobility is paying off, by actually knowing how much and how often their carts move. But over time SmartTouch Analytics will reveal a wealth of information for getting longer life from carts and batteries, for lowering cost of ownership, and for maximizing return on investment.”

No-client implementation

Because SmartTouch Analytics requires no client software, it’s OS-agnostic, easy to deploy, and creates no conflicts or security vulnerabilities on client computers. It works over the hospital’s existing WiFi network.

The solution is hard-wired into every new EVO SmartTouch Analytics (EVO STA) model EHR cart. New Jaco Analytics asset management software is included at no extra charge with the purchase of any EVO STA cart. Unlike asset management solutions offered by other cart vendors, SmartTouch Analytics does not require a service contract, and support is included with Jaco Promise Care, the standard support coverage provided with every Jaco cart.

Schedule a meeting

Jaco representatives are scheduling SmartTouch Analytics pre-release meetings with IT management and other interested stakeholders. To schedule a meeting at your site please contact Matt Rossini, Jaco Vice President of Marketing, at 800-649-2278.

About Jaco

Jaco, Inc., located in Franklin, Massachusetts, is a leading manufacturer and integrator of point-of-care Electronic Health Records (EHR) mobile computer carts, mobile cart power systems, wall stations and wall arm technology. Proudly manufacturing products in the United States of America for over 40 years, Jaco has set the healthcare industry standard for overall product performance, sustainable quality, ergonomic design and safety, and exceptional customer service. Jaco is nationally certified as a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) and Woman’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and is an ISO 9001-2008 Registered Company.

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