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Why Jaco

Delivering the highest quality products and the most value for your investment drives everything we do – and the unique way we do it.

Design & Construction

Simple. Solid. Smart.

When we began in 1972 as a custom metal fabricator for Fortune 500 companies, what set us apart was our insistence on collaborating with customers to continually improve designs, simplify products, and drive unnecessary cost out of the manufacturing process. For the last 20 years we’ve brought that same spirit and focus to developing easy-to-use, reliable point-of-care solutions that help you hospitals the highest quality patient care for the lowest total cost.

Deep design expertise.

Our founder and CEO is also the leader of our product development organization. Our award-winning industrial designer also consults for household names like BOSE and Le Creuset. And our staff engineers hail from world-known biomed, high-tech and defense industry leaders.

Lightweight, durable, sustainable metal construction.

We build our products from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and steel, using the latest automated manufacturing techniques. This enables us to produce the lightest, strongest, most sustainable products possible – our EVO cart, for example, is up to 60 lbs. lighter than competing carts, but 98% metal by weight and 100% recyclable. And unlike our competitors, who build with injection-molded plastic, we’re able to tailor products to very specific customer requirements, even in small batches.

Continuous improvement and innovation.

We never stop looking for ways to reduce complexity, eliminate potential failure points, and make our products easier and safer to use. Constant refinement leads to improvements in every new iteration of our existing products – and to game-changing innovations like our EVO cart.

Made in America.

We’re proud to keep manufacturing jobs in our country and our region. But for Jaco, ‘Made in America’ isn’t just about pride and patriotism. Doing everything at our own facility – from prototyping to finished product – is what makes our continuous product improvement and rapid innovation possible.


Committed to Comfort for Nurses

Musculoskeletal injuries account for the largest share of nurse injuries resulting in two or more days off from work, and contribute significantly to the more than $2 billion in workers compensation losses for hospitals every year. That’s why we design and continually refine Jaco carts to put less stress on nurse’s muscles, bones and joints.

We design for shift-long comfort.

Nurses walk miles every shift, so we walk a mile in their shoes. We study every medical department and care setting – from patient rooms, to ICUs, to frenetic ERs. Then we build our carts to move effortlessly, adjust comfortably, and prevent nurse strain and injury wherever they go – from the longest widest hallways to the narrowest gaps between patient beds.

We design based on research, not trends.

We constantly track ergonomic research, regulatory best practices, and the latest workplace safety news and statistics as they relate to our cart designs. And we consult with ergonomics experts at hospitals across the country. For example, our raised mouse tray – a Jaco exclusive – is a direct result of findings by the Cornell Human Factors and Ergonomics Research Group. And while our competitors rushed to offer slow, noisy, electric-powered height adjustments that drive cart weight well over 100 lbs., we developed Comfort Glide – instant, silent, one-handed height adjustment that actually makes our EVO carts lighter and easier to roll.

Infection Control

Your Partner in Eradicating healthcare associated infections (HAIs)

Did you know that hospital acquired infections account for more than 100,000 deaths annually nationwide, and billions of dollars in associated costs? Jaco makes infection control a top design priority and a pervasive design element in all our carts – to protect your patients, your caregivers, your reputation and your bottom line.

A Comprehensive Approach
  • Antimicrobial, top to bottom. Every metal Jaco cart component (not just the parts nurses touch) is finished with a non-porous, silver-infused antimicrobial powder coat that stops the growth of pathogens on contact, and stands up the most vigorous disinfectant methods.
  • Ready now for UV disinfection. Our metal components and antimicrobial finish can undergo UV-B and UV-C disinfection – procedures which can damage or even melt plastic carts – with zero impact to cart structure and minimal impact to surface finish gloss over time.
  • Our carts even look cleaner. A clean appearance matters to patients. For as long as you own them, your Jaco carts look as white and fresh as when they first rolled onto your hospital floor.

Custom Solutions

Tailored to Your Workflow and Your Hospital

At Jaco, we don’t build our carts from mass-produced, inventoried, injection-molded plastic parts. We build each cart to order in our own factory, using the latest rapid manufacturing tools and technologies. As a result, we have the capability to customize our products specifically for you, in ways our competitors can’t.

Meet any workflow challenge

Our wide range of accessories, flexible mounting locations and build-to-order capability let you outfit carts with any and every tool your nurses need – at their fingertips. Choose two types of storage cabinets (including EVO ClearView Storage), scanner and camera mounts, printer shelves, baskets, holders, cups and more.

Reinforce your brand with colors, logos

Jaco’s custom accent colors let you match carts to your corporate identity, or color-code carts based on department. All accent colors are based on the same non-porous antimicrobial powder coat we use on our white cart surfaces. You can also silkscreen or pad-print your logo in one, two or four colors – to permanently brand your carts, and promote your commitment to the latest point-of-care technology with every patient interaction.

Game-Changing ROI

Products engineered for low TCO and exceptional value

There’s a lot more riding on your carts than computers – including the clinical and financial success of your EHR implementation. We strive to contribute to that success with point-of-care solutions that streamline your workflows, lower your costs, and deliver lasting value.

With Jaco you can count on
  • Faster, less costly deployment. Our carts ship fully assembled – just install your equipment and roll them out (or as an optional service, have us do it for you).
  • Healthier, more productive nurses – and potential for fewer absences and worker compensation claims – thanks to our proven ergonomics.
  • Lower repair and coverage expense. Our carts are so reliable that fewer than 1% of our customer purchase premium service coverage – and we can offer that coverage at significant savings
  • Reduced supply chain costs. The exceptional durability of our batteries and other consumable components mean minimal part replacements over time.
  • Fewer fleet refreshes. We build our carts to last 10+ years between refreshes. Budget less for carts and more for strategic, mission-critical IT investments.
  • The best warranties in the industry. Our cart warranties – up to 10 years on structural cart components – provide the ultimate investment protection.

Let’s Talk

Contact Jaco or your Jaco Sales Representative to discuss your next EHR workstation project. Learn all the ways Jaco products can help maximize your return on this significant capital equipment investment.

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