For years clinicians have suffered debilitating on the job injuries caused by moving heavy equipment and devices while carrying out their various healthcare workflow processes.

What is an ergonomic mobile cart steering system?



One of the many potential on the job hazards are cumbersome Workstations On Wheels (WOWs) that require a tremendous amount of force to push and pull to steer them down hallways and in and out of patient rooms. With advancements in Healthcare WOW caster design, new high-performance casters help a mobile cart glide smoother than ever before. But they do not help with controlling a mobile cart when trying to steer them through clinical environments. These high performance casters actually create more of a problem by providing less resistance, requiring nurses to exert even more force to rein in a fast moving mobile cart. In order to combat the steering challenges and reduce the likelihood of on the job injuries, JACO Inc., an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of healthcare computer workstations, has developed a unique ergonomic solution, the TRAC™ Steering System.

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