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Telemedicine Computer Cart Solutions

JACO’s goal is to help customers get their telemedicine projects implemented as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. Whereas others have developed proprietary solutions that lack flexibility, JACO’s approach to telemedicine is to allow for complete IT hardware sourcing freedom. Our offering includes solutions for use of HD cameras, LCD monitors, video conferencing/audio equipment and a wide array of clinical medical devices. FDA Class 1 telemedicine solutions are available. All JACO telemedicine carts are precision crafted using durable aircraft-grade aluminum to provide a strong yet lightweight feel, for optimal performance.

JACO Telemedicine Computer Carts

  • Modular design allows for the seamless addition of optional components and telemedicine medical devices.
  • Lightweight components manufactured of high quality aluminum that provide years of use in a demanding healthcare environment.
  • Medical-grade lithium iron powered system ensures long battery life, fast recharge times, and pure sine wave AC output for trouble-free power.
  • Hidden cable management system eliminates cord tangles and clutter and provides easy access for maintenance.
  • Retractable keyboard tray and left/right mouse help save space when not being used.
  • Smooth, solid, non-porous, 20” x 18” work surface is easy to keep clean and provides a large working area for clinician.
our goal is to provide you with a flexible solution that meets your needs.

Compatible Equipment and Software

Telemedicine Cameras Medical Scopes
Examination Cameras

Medical Scopes and Illumination Systems

Digital Stethescopes UltraSound Probes
Stethoscopes UltraSound Probes
ECGs, etc Ophthalmoscopes
ECGs, Spirometeres, and Holters Ophthalmoscopes
AGNES Interactive Telemedicine Software

And More.

JACO specializes in custom manufacturing, and can design a mount or product for whatever devices you'd like to use.

AGNES Interactive Telemedicine Software


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Partnership with AMD Global Telemedicine

JACO is proud to partner with AMD Global Telemedicine to assist you with your telemedicine cart rollout.

AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc. is the leading provider of clinical Telemedicine Encounter Management Solutions (TEMS). For over 20 years, they have been specializing in helping customers define the telemedicine products and technology that make sense for their specific application in order to achieve ultimate telemedicine program goals.

AMD Global Telemedicine

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