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networkExceptional service and support is vital to our customers. JACO makes it a priority to respond to all support requests within two business hours of receipt. As a company that designs, manufactures and supports its products in the United States, we are able to address your issues with timely response. We have readily available parts and an onsite support team to carry out service activities if necessary. JACO’s Support staff provides all mechanical, electrical and software support to you with a comprehensive service solution.

Inventory Reserve

barsBy maintaining a readily available Inventory Reserve, JACO is ready to fulfill your material requirements in a timely manner. Providing the industry’s strongest warranty, we stand behind our product quality and we support our customers by stocking parts to ensure years of reliable support. JACO products are designed to be the most durable in the industry and we expect to help you realize maximum uptime by assuring you the highest quality products are available the JACO Inventory Reserve. JACO products will be available for at least 5 years from the original date of production.

Onsite Support

briefcaseJACO understands that your EHR (Electronic Healthcare Records) support needs to be timely, so your organization can keep the focus on providing exceptional care. Providing timely solutions to address all of your needs, we utilize factory certified field engineers that come to you. Our expert technicians are trained to properly diagnose failure conditions and provide permanent mechanical and electrical fixes. Offering a comprehensive suite of services, JACO support portfolio is designed to meet all of your organization needs.

Record Retention

databaseMaintaining records on your products is an essential part of providing a total quality solution. At JACO we extend the same world-class service and support to all of our customers. Utilizing enterprise level software we capture all service cases and compile detailed quality metrics to understand opportunities for product and process improvement. 

Commitment to Quality

compassJACO, an internationally recognized ISO9001:2008 Certified Design and Manufacturing facility, is committed to continuing to improve its product quality and service. Starting with robust product designs, JACO's mission is to provide healthcare professionals with the very best solutions to address their EMR and BMV (Bedside Medication Verification) needs. Our continuous improvement initiatives help to improve product quality, streamline process efficiency and help to lower costs.

Service Options

Deployment Services

  • Factory Direct Mobile Cart PC Integration and Imaging
  • Onsite Mobile Cart Integration Service
  • Onsite Mobile Cart Unpacking and Disposal Service

Preventative Maintenance

  • Mobile Cart Preventive Maintenance 

In-Warranty, Onsite Mobile Cart Service

  • In-Warranty , Non-Powered Cart Onsite Comprehensive Service
  • In-Warranty, Lithium Iron Phosphate Powered Cart, Onsite Service

Extended Warranty, Onsite Mobile Cart Service

  • Extended Warranty , Non-Powered Cart Onsite Comprehensive Service
  • Extended Warranty, Lithium Iron Phosphate Powered Cart, Onsite Service

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