Innovative Solutions


Lightweight, All Metal Construction

When most people think about metal construction, they imagine something durable, strong, and heavy. But not all of those things are true. When our engineers are choosing materials to use on a medical cart, we evaluate the pros and cons, and quite frequently come to the conclusion that we can produce a stronger, less expensive, and lighter cart with metal.  

The trick is in the material strength. Plastic requires many additional 'support' webbings, whereas with metal, the material is strong enough to support itself. This means that you can use less material overall, and still achieve a greater overall strength.  Try out a JACO product and see for yourself.




At JACO, our product specialists are available to meet with your staff in order to identify pain points, and recommend effective solutions to your problems. We also have a team of engineers on hand that can design, fabricate, and implement custom solutions to improve your workflow, if needed. Additionally, because our products are fabricated out of clean, lightweight metal, we can offer features that many competitors cannot.  From custom antimicrobial colors, full color logo customization, and even custom device mounting, we’re here to work with you.


All JACO products are finished with an antimicrobial powder coat finish, which can be custom tinted to any number of colors. We buy our standard colors from the RAL color palette, and can mix custom colors if needed to create a particular tint. Additionally, you can choose to have either a smooth or textured finish, depending on your application.


Using our in-house silk-screening capabilities, we can produce full color logos that are integrated into the product of your choice. Understanding our customers have a wide range of needs in terms of text and logo printing, silk screening involves the production of an ink-blocking stencil that has mesh holes in it for ink transmission to desired locations for printing text, logos and designs. We are able to take our your logos and critical information and adhere them directly to part surfaces transforming them into a truly finished solution that can withstand a variety of sanitation and cleaning methods.


Home to a well-respected mechanical and electrical engineering staff, JACO is able to assist its customers by offering extensive design review services. JACO looks for opportunities to improve designs and resolve potential quality issues and works with you to ensure device fit and compatibility. After addressing all potential areas of concern during the design review process, JACO’s Engineering Team will follow the product throughout the fabrication process working hand and hand with shop floor supervisors and machine technicians. Our attention to detail from start to finish allows JACO to provide our valued customers with a highly reliable product at the very best price possible.