EVO Laptop Locking Cart

Next-Generation Lightweight Laptop Cart

Starting weight just 69 lbs. with full-shift power. Instant, silent, one-handed height adjustment. Perfectly balanced to roll, steer and maneuver with ease. Ready for UV disinfection, out of the box. And backed by the industry’s first 10-year warranty. EVO reinvents the EHR cart – and raises the bar for nurse comfort, lasting durability and return on investment.


The EHR Cart Has Evolved

EVO Laptop 1

Up to 60 Pounds lighter

Balanced better than straight-post carts – easier on nurses’ backs, arms, hands and shoulders.

EVO Laptop High-Gloss Finish

Superior Infection Control

Smooth, high-gloss, non-porous antimicrobial finish on all metal surfaces – withstands chemical and UV disinfection.

EVO Laptop 3

LiFePO4 – Plug-in or Hot-Swap

Flexible power options let you build a cost-effective fleet today, and scale when workflows change.


Laptop Protection

Locks a laptop up to 17” beneath the worksurface, and adds a full-sized keyboard and mouse for desktop comfort.

EVO Laptop 1

Innovation Everywhere

Game-changing Comfort Glide Lift, stress-saving ClearView Storage, data-driven asset management, much more.

EVO Laptop 6

10-Year Warranty

Engineered and built for 10+ years between refreshes – and twice the investment protection of other carts.

The Innovation Behind the Evolution

We invented Comfort Glide to enable easier height adjustment for nurses. We ended up changing EHR cart design, forever and for the better.

  • Creates optimal leverage for instant, silent, one-handed height adjustment – anyone can raise or lower the work surface with one hand.
  • Enables a cart that’s lighter, better balanced and easier to roll – puts less strain on nurses backs, arms and shoulders.
  • Proven reliable design that’s based on earlier Jaco cart models still in use after 12 or more years.

A Feel-Good Spin on Storage

EVO ClearView Storage™ turns storage 90 degrees, to make working with supplies and meds 100 percent easier.

  • Lets nurses view and access storage with drawer contents with less bending and stretching – and without retracting the keyboard or stepping back from the cart.
  • Drawers require less space – nurses can work comfortably and confidently between patient beds and in other tight spaces
  • Reduces opportunities for errors – lets nurses easily shift focus to drawers without losing place onscreen.

Flexible LiFePO4 Power – Plug-In or Hot-Swap

Jaco’s innovative power solutions give you more power to choose, more power to scale, and more power to control your costs.

  • Unique ‘split electronics’ – power management system mounted high on the cart for cleaner operation, unmatched reliability and easier maintenance.
  • Dual-battery ‘true’ hot-swap delivers truly uninterrupted care – no more scrambling to swap
  • Protects your investment – build a right-sized fleet today, and scale affordably when workflows change.

EVO Laptop Accessories

Use the online EVO Configurator to customize your EVO and create a part list you can save and share with colleagues.

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