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Part Number: SRVC-PM-CART

Jaco Onsite Service – Preventative Maintenance for Mobile Computer Carts

Status: Active

Full Specifications

Part Number
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Dimensions & Weight
Length: 0"
Width: 0"
Height: 0"
Weight: 0
Non Warranty Item
Product Description
A Certified Jaco Technician will arrive onsite and perform an inspection of a Jaco Mobile Computer Cart, including both Powered and Non-Powered carts, based on the Jaco PM Checklist for the designated product. Each unit will be tested for functionality and any notable damage will be reported.
Key Features
Inspection of a Non-Powered or Powered Jaco Cart based on the Jaco PM Checklist
Including (as applicable):
* Functionality Test
- Casters
- Height Adjustment
- Security Mechanisms
- Monitor and Keyboard Movement
- Power System Ventilation
- Power System Functionality
* Necessary Adjustments
* Cable Management

Information will be documented by Serial Number, Location, and Asset Number (if applicable)
Any notable damage will be recorded
Product Details
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What’s Included
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