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Part Number: J1-20-HS

Jaco One Cart for LCDs with POWERBLADE Hot Swap Power System

Status: End of Life

Full Specifications

Part Number
Quote Description
Product Group
Minimum Order Qty
Dimensions & Weight
Length: 25"
Width: 22"
Height: 46"
Weight: 72
10 Yr Lift; 7 Yr Structural; 3 Yr Elect; 3 Yr OEM
Product Description
Quiet. Maneuverable. Effortlessly adjustable. Reliable. Customizable. And easier than ever to service and maintain. Jaco One is the culmination of everything we’ve learned – and everything customers like you have told us – in our 25 years of building medical carts. We engineered Jaco One to start saving you time, money, and trouble the moment it hits your facility floor – and to keep delivering value for years to come, no matter how your clinical demands and workflows change.

Powered by JACO’s POWER BLADE™ lithium iron phosphate (LiFe) hot–swap battery technology, JACO One Hot Swap LCD cart offers greater nurse and patient safety – and up to 3x longer battery life and 4x more recharge cycles per battery than lithium ion (Li–ion) hot–swap solutions. With its lightweight aluminum construction and proven durability, the Jaco One is the hot–swap cart you can count on for reliable, uninterrupted service – shift after shift, year after year.

Standard configuration includes:
– Blue Accent Color
– Right Side Raised Mouse Tray
– Left Side Lower Mouse Tray

** Batteries and Charger not included. Jaco Recommends 3 PowerBlade Hotswap Batteries per Cart and 1 PowerBlade Charger for every 2 Carts.
Key Features
• Hot Swappable Power System for 24/7 runtime
• Comfort Glide - Lift Technology durable height adjustment with 10 Year Warranty
• Adjustable lift force for fine tuning the feel of cart height adjustment
• Instant, silent, effortless height adjustment
• Open AC power inverter works with most any LCD and PC
• Make it yours with custom logo and accent color selection
Product Details
• Durable, Anti-Microbial Powder Coat Finish
• 24/7 run time from Hot-Swap LiFePO4 Battery System
• Adjustable lift pressure to adjust force needed to raise and lower the Cart for best use positioning
• Instant, silent, effortless height adjustment
Extended Specifications
J1-20-HS Model, LCD Cart:
• Work surface: 20" w x 18" d
• Internal electronics bay: 16" w x 14" d x 3" h
• Work surface height range: 33" to 46.5" (from floor)
• Wheel base height: 8"
• Total base dimensions: 16"w x 16"d x 13"h
• LCD monitor mount: Rotation: 350°; Pan up: 90°; Pan down: 5°
• Maximum monitor weight: 16 lbs

• AC output voltage: 120V AC, 130W, UL60601 Certification
• Wave form output: Pure sine AC
• Battery technology: Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 )
• Capacity: 204 Wh per battery, 408 Wh maximum
• Battery lifespan: 4000+ recharge cycles per battery
• Recharge time: 2 hours to 100%
• Weight: 4.9lbs per battery

Charging Station:
• Input AC: 100 –240 VAC
• Charge voltage: 14.4 VDC, 8 A max
• Wall mount dimensions: 7.25" w x 10.50" h x 4" d
• Free standing dimensions: 7.25" w x 10.50" h x 7" d

** Batteries and Charger not included.
What’s Included
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