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Part Number: EVO-20-HWS-ES-L500

• EVO-20 Mobile Cart, e-Lock Ready with Non-Locking Hinged Work Surface • Retractile Extension Power Cord • JACO L500 Wh, LiFePO4 Power System

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Full Specifications

Part Number
Quote Description
Product Group
Minimum Order Qty
Dimensions & Weight
Length: 28"
Width: 20"
Height: 48"
Weight: 73
Powered Warranty: 10 Year Structural, 7 Year Accessory, 3 Year Electrical, 3-Year/4,000-Cycle Battery, 3 Year OEM
Product Description
Does not include e-Locking Storage, LCD, PC, Keyboard or Mouse.
Jaco evolves the powered cart – again. Jaco One EVO takes Jaco One’s breakthrough ease of use two giant steps forward. We’ve refined Comfort Glide for 1, one-handed height adjustment. And we’ve trimmed off excess weight and mass – without sacrificing strength and durability – to create the lightest, easiest-to-roll, most reliable powered cart we’ve ever built. EVO-20 Cart for LCDs with onboard L500 LiFe Power System
Key Features
• Non-locking hinged lift work surface for easy access to Computer System
• Ready for e-Locking Storage Option
• Effortless height adjustment – the worksurface glides up and down with virtually no resistance
• Easy-to-access electronics for faster service, minimal downtime
• Designed and refined for fewer failure points and reduced wear and tear
• A smart alternative to powered lift carts – lighter, faster, quieter, and far less likely to need service
Product Details
• Ships assembled
• Lightweight aluminum and welded metal tube construction
• Infection Control: Antimicrobial embedded powder coat finish
• Manufactured in the USA
Extended Specifications
• Mostly aluminum and steel construction for years of trouble free use and dependability
• Retracting Keyboard Tray with right side elevated Mouse Surface for best ergonomic positioning
• Comfort Glide Post design for effortless height adjustment when needed
• Easy access to PC stored under non-locking hinged work surface
• Wheel base 16" x 13" x 16"
• Four 4" Single Wheel Casters with 2 front locking
• Weight without LCD or PC - 73 lbs.
• Non-lock Hinged Work Surface height range from 32.5" to 46.5"
• Keyboard height adjustment from 25.5" to 41.5"

Power Options
• Onboard Power System with 8’ Medical Grade Power Cord
• AC output voltage: 120V AC, 180W, UL60601 Certification
• Wave form output: Pure Sine AC
• Battery technology: Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)
• Capacity: 500 Wh total capacity
• Lifespan: 4000+ recharge cycles per battery
• Recharge time: Less than 2.5 hours to 100%
• Power System Weight: L500 17lbs
What’s Included
• EVO-20 Mobile Cart • Retractile Extension Power Cord • JACO L500 Wh, LiFePO4 Power System Does not include e-Locking Storage option, LCD, PC, Keyboard or Mouse.
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