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Part Number: 51-4636

JACO EVO Hot-Swap Mobile Cart Power System Assembly

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Full Specifications

Part Number
Quote Description
Product Group
Replacement Parts
Minimum Order Qty
Dimensions & Weight
Length: 15"
Width: 14"
Height: 12"
Weight: 7
Electrical Warranty: 3 Years
Product Description
The JACO EVO Hot-Swap Mobile Cart power system is a housing with electronics to support battery insertion and power management. This module can be added to the EVO Cart and allows for hot-swap battery power operation.
Key Features
* JACO design and made
* Solid metal construction for years of use
* Allows for 1 hot-swap battery power on your JACO Mobile Cart
Product Details
The 51-4636 is the main hot-swap power system and includes the electronics needed to run the Mobile Cart computer system. This assembly does not included the removable hot-swap LiFePO4 battery packs that are ordered separately.
Extended Specifications
* Material - .08" Aluminum
* Finish - Antimicrobial gloss white powder coat
* Inverter assembly rated for 120v, 60 Hz output
* Designed specifically for the JACO EVO Hot-Swap Mobile Cart
What’s Included
Includes the metal assembly that attaches to the EVO Hot-Swap Cart, electronics to drive the LiFePO4 battery packs and the DC to AC power inverter. Does not include the JACO Mobile Cart or LiFePO4 battery pack.
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