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Part Number: 51-4293

JACO Front Status Module for 300 and EVO Hot-Swap Series Mobile Care Carts

Status: Available

Full Specifications

Part Number
Quote Description
Product Group
Replacement Parts
Minimum Order Qty
Dimensions & Weight
Length: 5"
Width: 2.5"
Height: 2"
Weight: 1
Electrical Warranty: 3 Years
Product Description
JACO 300 and EVO Hot-Swap Series Mobile Carts are a 24/7 up-time powered Mobile Cart that are used in Health Care. The Hot-Swap Battery Packs are inserted into the power unit and the status of these battery packs is shown on the 51-4293, Front Status Module.
Key Features
* JACO made replacement part
* Easy to install on the 300 or EVO Hot-Swap Mobile Cart
* High quality, solid metal construction for years of use
Product Details
JACO 300 and EVO Hot-Swap Series Mobile Carts offer users hot-swap battery technology. With proper exchange of depleted battery packs, the JACO Mobile Carts will run 24/7. The interface with the Cart user is through a simple to read, front Status Module which shows the battery charge status and provides warning when the battery packs are running low. The number pad is included to allow approved PIN codes for opening the optional e-Lock storage systems.
Extended Specifications
* Material - .063 Aluminum
* Finish - Antimicrobial Powder Coat
* Designed specifically as a battery status and storage e-lock interface and input device for the JACO 300 and EVO Mobile Cart Series
What’s Included
Includes the front status module only
Part Compatibility

Compatibility Notes

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