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Part Number: 38-0022

Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse for Business – White

Status: Available
38 0022

Full Specifications

Part Number
Quote Description
Product Group
OEM Parts
Minimum Order Qty
Dimensions & Weight
Length: 5.5"
Width: 5.5"
Height: 2"
Weight: 0.38
OEM Warranty: 3 Years
Product Description
Value in an optical mouse. Microsoft Optical Technology replaces the traditional mechanical mouse ball for greater accuracy and control. Easy and comfortable to use, Basic Optical Mouse is a good choice for value.
Key Features
• Scroll Wheel - Move through your documents quickly without having to click the on-screen scroll bar.
• Comfort - Get a grip with a comfortable design created for either hand.
• Easy to Set Up and Use - No software to install, no feature setup required.
• Microsoft Optical Technology - High Performance Optical Technology - no mouse ball. Optical sensor delivers greater accuracy and control.
Product Details
• Optical Technology - Navigate with better speed, accuracy, and reliability. The optical sensor tracks movement on nearly any surface.
• Scroll Even Faster - Move through your documents quickly without having to use the on-screen scroll bar.
• Comfortable in Either Hand - Use your mouse with your left or right hand. Ambidextrous design makes it comfortable either way.
• Customizable Buttons - Get quick access to the media, programs, and files you use most often.
Extended Specifications
What’s Included
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