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Part Number: 22-0111

Amstron MedXP-160 External Laptop Battery

Status: End of Life
22 0111

Full Specifications

Part Number
Quote Description
Product Group
Power Systems
Minimum Order Qty
Dimensions & Weight
Length: 9.5"
Width: 15.5"
Height: 2.5"
Weight: 5.5
OEM Warranty: 1 Year
Product Description
The Amstron MEDXP-160 battery is designed for devices that need maximum power between charges, and can be used for laptops, medical devices, and other electronics. Depending on the application, the MEDXP-160 provides up to 11 hours of run time. It offers you the ability to run your device without being tethered to a wall outlet. The MEDXP-160 is a great alternative for hospitals, construction sites, or emergency responders and is tested to be safe and uses advanced Lithium-polymer battery technology allowing you unequalled productivity and mobility.
Key Features
15% more power than original MEDXP-140
Product Details
Extended Specifications
• Output Voltage: 19V
• Output Power: Max 90Watt
• Fuel Gauge: 5 digit display
• Charge Time: 6-7 hours
• Run Time: Approx. 11 hours (15 watt drain)
• Battery Chemistry: Li-Ion
What’s Included
Part Compatibility

Compatibility Notes

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