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UltraLite 210 Laptop Cart

Get lightweight, agile laptop mobility, for less

Jaco UltraLite 200 is an ideal and economical solution for any facility that needs laptop mobility, without on-cart power. With its light weight, slim design, and compact low-profile wheelbase, this cart takes your laptop anywhere you need it to go, quickly and quietly – at a fraction of the cost of a powered cart.

Need Onboard Power?

Minimize strain, injury and downtime with state-of-the-art ergonomics

Like all Jaco carts, UltraLite 200 is engineered for maximum user comfort and safety, and designed based on the latest ergonomic guidelines – with a 16” range of worksurface height adjustment, a fully-retractable positive/negative tilting keyboard tray, and properly positioned left and right mouse pads. The cart’s light weight makes it easier to move and maneuver, minimizing stress and strain during even the longest shifts.

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Count on superior infection control

UltraLite 200’s smooth, non-porous antimicrobial finish resists bacterial growth, cleans and disinfects easily, and withstands all measures and chemicals necessary to prevent transmission of bacteria. The cart always looks clean, because it doesn’t stain, crack or fade the way plastic carts can.


Customize the LCD model for cost-saving in-room mobility

The UltraLite 220 model includes accommodates a thin-client PC and LCD monitor. Add the optional tether cord kit to create a fully powered, in-room mobile EHR solution. It’s a practical and economical alternative to a wall arm: It allows nurses to bring the computer closer to patients for improved engagement with medical records and bedside medical verification, and does not require special and potentially costly wall installation.

Need Hot Swappable Power?


200 Series Overview

  • Ships assembled 

  • Lightweight aluminum and welded metal tube construction 

  • Infection Control: Antimicrobial embedded powder coat finish 

  • 7-year limited warranty on mechanical components; 3-year warranty on electrical components
  • Manufactured in the USA

Standard Dimensions (all configurations) 

  • Worksurface height adjustment range: 30” to 46” 

  • Wheelbase height: 8” 

  • Total base dimensions: 16” w x 16” dx 13 ”h 

Specific Configurations 

Podium Cart (200 Model)

  • Worksurface: 20 w” x 18” d
  • Internal electronics bay: 16” w x 14” d x 2.25” h

 Locking Laptop Cart (210 Model)

  • Worksurface: 20 w” x18” d
  • Internal electronics bay: 16” w x 14” d x 2.25” h
  • Opening for laptop screen: 16.5” w x 2.25” d
  • Includes keyboard and mouse trays

 LCD Cart (220 Model) 

  • Worksurface: 20 w” x 16” d 

  • Internal electronics bay: 16” w x 14” d x 2.6” h 

  • Includes keyboard and mouse trays 

  • LCD monitor mount - Rotation: 350°; Pan up: 90°; Pan down, 5°
  • Maximum monitor weight: 16 lbs 

List of Compatible Options & Accessories

  • Keyboard Tray: Retractable with Ergonomic Negative and Positive Tilt with Left and Right Mouse Tray 
  • Power Cord: Medical Grade Retractile, 8” Foot
  • Wire Baskets: Left, Right and Rear Post Mount
  • Drawer System with Optional Push Button or USB Keypad Locking
    • Single Drawer
      • 3” Single Drawer
      • 7” Single Drawer
    • Dual Drawer
      • Dual 3” Single Drawer
      • Top 3” Drawer and Bottom 7” Drawer
  • Wipes Holder: Left and Right Post Mount
  • Scanner Mount: Left and Right, Mounted on Back of Work Surface
  • Utility Cups: Left and Right, Small and Large Sizes, Mounted on Back of Work Surface
  • Rear Steering Handle: Ergonomic Handle for Improved Handling
  • Ergonomic Steering System: TRAC Mobile Cart Steering System for Effortless Steering and Nurse Safety
  • Laptop Protection (200 and 210 Models)
    • Laptop Stabilizer: Front and Rear Laptop Screen Protection System
    • Laptop Backstop: Rear Laptop Screen Protection System
    • Laptop Opening Spill Cover: Laptop Screen Work Surface Opening
    • External Lock: Laptop Cable Lock
  • Keyboard Light: USB Powered Keyboard Light
  • Mouse Holder: Convenient Mouse Holder In Front of Work Surface
  • Work Surface Spill Cover: Laptop and LCD Model Screen Spill Cover
  • Printer Mounts
    • Label Printer Shelf: Secure Printer Mount, Customized to Manufacturer Specifications
    • Printer Shelf: Large Printer Shelf to Securely Hold Large Document Printers and Scanner

Custom Accent Colors

The UltraLite Series can be finished with custom colors to match the décor of each healthcare organization’s particular environment. With the proper infusion of color, caregivers are able to provide friendlier environment and therefore improve a patient’s experience during their stay.

Logos for Facility Branding

By offering custom silkscreens, we can take our customers’ logos and imagery to help them promote their brand which will allow them to communicate their technology investments to help improve patient care.



UltraLite 200 Podium Cart

Shown with optional Secure Laptop Lock, Single 3" e-Lock Drawer, and Universal Bar Code Scanner Holder.

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UltraLite 210 Laptop Cart

Shown with optional Dual 6" x 6" x 6" Wire Baskets, Universal Bar Code Scanner Holder, Utility Cup, and Laptop Backstop.

View Configuration in 3D


UltraLite 210 Laptop Cart

Shown with optional Single 3" Locking Drawer, Rear Mount 4" x 8" x 12" Wire Basket, and Raised Right Hand Mouse Tray.

View Configuration in 3D


UltraLite 220 LCD Cart

Shown with optional 6" x 6" x 6" Wire Basket and Sanitary Wipes Container Holder.

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*Computers and Monitors not included with any model