More flexibility; Less added bulk and weight

EVO’s exclusive lightweight, slim-profile storage system lets you add virtually any combination of supply drawers and med storage bins to your carts. And the unique side-mounted design leaves plenty of room for adding other important accessories.

Drawers and Bins

Drawer cabinets hold one 3" standard drawer, 2 3.5"w med bins, or one 7.3"w med bin:


Standard drawers are made from the same lightweight aluminum we use to make our Jaco One EVO cart bodies. Med bins are easily removable for swapping contents around or cleaning.

Double-Drawer Cabinet

Double-drawer can combine 3" drawers and med bins in many configurations:



Triple-Drawer Cabinet

Triple-drawer cabinet can hold 3" drawers and med bins in multiple configurations:



Complete Flexibility

Combine multiple drawer, lock, and bin types in a single cabinet.


Note: EVO storage can be mounted to one side of the cart only. If you require more storage, please refer to the Jaco One cart series, and it's storage options.

Customization Available

As flexible as our storage solutions are, your workflows deserve a personal touch. Our sales and engeering teams are available to work with you to create the storage solution you need.

Download our brochure to learn more about the SL Storage System.

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