Tethering System

Transforms a non-powered, large-screen EHR cart into a compelling wall arm alternative

Move Full-Screen EHR from the Wall to the Bedside

More Mobility Than
a Wall Arm

UltraLite 120’s tethering system provides plenty of in-room mobility, without the hazards of on-the-floor cables or risk of accidental unplugging.

Fast, Inexpensive, Flexible Deployment

Just plug it in and mount the tethering hook – no in-wall wiring, permanent wall fixtures or build-out required. Easily move workstations from room to room as needed.

Compact and

Small-footprint cart requires minimal floor space. When not in use the cart stores close to the wall, and the worksurface provides bonus counterspace.

Advantages for nurses, patients and IT staff

  • 10′ strain-relieved cord. Provides twice the mobility of the largest wall arms.
  • Smart cord management. Cord stays off the floor, safely out of the way.
  • Easier to move and position. Simply roll the cart to the desired spot – nothing to unfold or lock in place.
  • Improved patient engagement. A tethered cart lets nurses get closer to the bedside and face the patient while working with EHR applications
  • Rapid, low-cost installation. Just mount the tethering hook and plug in the cart.
  • Requires minimal support and maintenance. Fewer moving parts than a wall arm.
  • Flexible and scalable. Easily redeploy existing carts to different rooms, or add new carts quickly and inexpensively.

Make the Right Choice for Your Patient Rooms

Jaco offers the UltraLite 120 Tethered EHR cart, as well as a selection of Jaco Wall Arm EHR workstations. Contact a Jaco Sales Representative to discuss which solution makes the most sense for your nurses, your patients, your IT staff and your bottom line.

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