Data-Driven IoT Asset Management System for Jaco EVO carts

Manage Your EVO Cart Fleet for Maximum ROI

Collect Continuous Data from Every EVO

On-cart sensors gather data on cart motion, performance and location, and transmit the data to Jaco Analytics via your WiFi network – no client software required.

Monitor your Fleet from a Single Dashboard

Get a graphical snapshot of your entire fleet, and quickly identify carts that need attention – or drill down individual cart status reports, event logs, support requests and more.

Get Data-Driven Insights for Smarter Decisions

Find and return ‘migrated’ carts. Redeploy underused carts where they’re needed most. Stay ahead of maintenance and battery aging issues. Manage your cart fleet as a strategic asset.

A true IoT asset management solution

At regular intervals, sensors built into EVO’s SmartTouch cart control panel collect and transmit data on:

  • Cart performance including battery age, charging history and current charge status. Use this data to identify battery issues before they become user issues, and to budget for replacements.
  • Cart location based on WiFi access points. Location data helps IT staff locate carts issuing support requests, and find and return carts that ‘drift’ to the wrong floor or department.
  • Cart usage based on carefully calibrated proximity sensors that indicate when a user is interacting with the cart. Determine how often and for how long each cart is actually used – without the need to access user data on the client computer.

In addition, SmartTouch transmits data on user events, include user log-in, storage drawer access, and support requests. 

A complete asset-management console

Jaco Analytics compiles data from your EVO cart fleet to deliver

  • An intuitive dashboard provides fleet-wide summaries key indicators – e.g., cart status (online/offline/idle/service), recent cart activity (yesterday/last week/last month), battery cycles, open support requests and more. Set your own thresholds so you can quickly spot and address outliers requiring attention.
  • Complete real-time status for each individual cart, by group or by department
  • A complete event log detailing user log-ins, battery charges, drawer access transactions and more
  • An SQL back-end database you can query to generate custom reports – and identify new opportunities to increase cart utilization and get more value from your fleet.

A smart, secure implementation

Jaco Analytics is designed minimize deployment complications and data privacy risks.

  • No client software required. Data is transmitted directly from on-cart sensors to Jaco Analytics management software via your existing WiFi network. The solution requires no access to data on the client computer, and creates no conflicts with client applications or operating system software.
  • No external internet access required. Unlike competitors’ cloud-based asset management solutions, Jaco Analytics transmits no data over the internet – or over any network other than your hospitals wireless network.
  • Java-based for broad system compatibility. Jaco Analytics runs in any desktop or browser that supports Java.

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