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Important information on HAIs, cart disinfection, COVID-19 and EHR carts

Infection control whitepaper

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) by the Numbers

Here’s some of the latest research data on the human toll and financial consequences of HAIs – and current and targeted progress in the battle to eliminate them.

1 in 31

Each day, approximately 1 in every 31 hospital patients in the US has at least one infection associated with his or her hospital care.1

687,000 and 72,000

Approximate number of patients with HAIs in 2015, and number of those patients who died during their hospitalization.1


The amount that MRSA can increase the cost of treatment when it occurs with another HAI.2

$10 Billion and $146 Billion

The estimated annual total cost to hospitals and total direct and indirect to Americans cost as a result of HAIs.2

7.3 to 9.6 days

Additional length of hospital stay due to HAIs3

17%, 0%

Reduction in hospital onset MRSA infections from 2005 to 2012, and from 2013-2016, respectively.1


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 2016-2020 targeted reduction in hospital onset MRSA infections.4

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Read more about how you can help with infection control by downloading our white paper.

Antimicrobial Surfaces on Jaco Carts

The Power of Silver Powder Coat

Humankind has harnessed the antimicrobial properties of silver for thousands of years; for example, the ancient Greeks used silver vessels to keep water fresh as they travelled. Today, silver ionization systems keep pools free of algae and other microbes, without the harsh effects of cholorine.

Jaco’s silver-infused antimicrobial powder coat taps the germicical power of silver in a different way: It’s specially formulated to slowly release silver ions that interact with microbe cell walls and DNA, killing microbes in place and providing superior infection control for the working life of the cart. The powder coat application ensures antimicrobial effectiveness throughout the entire depth of the coating, not just the surface. And it’s durable – similar to the finish on appliances in your home – so it keeps our carts looking clean and white year after year.

Antimicrobial Metal, Everywhere

We apply our antimicrobial finish to EVERY exterior metal surface of the cart – not just to ‘high-touch.’ So in addition to preventing the spread of microbes from caregivers hands, Jaco carts provide an extra measure of protection against spread of microbes resulting from incidental cart contact with other medical devices and room surfaces.

Stands Up to All Sterilization

Powder coat and metal make a powerful combination. Jaco carts are built to handle the strongest disinfection and sterilization methods for hospital devices:

  • Chemical disinfectants including bleach solution, non-abrasive soaps and disinfectant wipes (see our cleaning instructions).
  • Heat/steam sterilization. Unlike carts made primarily of plastic, Jaco carts can be heat or steam cleaned without impact to the finish or melting or warping of parts.
  • UV sterilization. Brief exposure to UV-C radiation can damage and eventually break down plastics after relatively short periods of exposure. But Jaco carts can easily endure the 90-second to 30-minute UV-C exposure employed by the most popular UV sterilization technologies in hospitals today.

COVID-19 Resources

CDC Dispatch: Air and Surface Distribution of COVID-19

Tests of air and surfaces in two Wuhan (China) hospital wards found the COVID-19 virus on floors, computer mice, trash and sickbed handrails, as well as in the air approximately 4m from patients.

Keep Current

The World Health Organization’s daily Coronavirus Situation Reports track new and cumulative suspected cases, laboratory-confirmed cases, clinically diagnosed cases and deaths by city/province/region of China, and by country outside of China.

HAI Risk Factors for COVID-19 Patients

A recent study found incidence of hospital associated infections (HAIs) in 45.2% of COVID-19 patients in ICU.

Take Preventative Action

The CDC has issued Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for dealing with patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infections, click the link below to the official page. (See section 7 for information on cleaning equipment and work surfaces).

COVID-19 and Carts: FAQ
The disinfectant wipes our nurses use today list ‘human coronavirus’ among the pathogens they kill. Will they kill COVID-19?

Not necessarily. Contact your wipe manufacturer to validate their the product has been tested and proven effective against the COVID-19 strain. 

Is UV-C disinfection effective against COVID-19?

In theory, UV disinfection should kill COVID-19 on hard surfaces, and may also kill them in the air, which would be to particular advantage in controlling this infection. UV germ-killing equipment has been deployed not only at hospitals (including Jaco customer hospitals), but at airports and bus terminals to fight the virus.

If you’re considering a purchase of UV sterilization equipment, be sure to consult with manufacturers to determine if their equipment has been tested and proven effective against COVID-19 on hard or soft surfaces and in the air, and to learn if there are any important restrictions on their use.

Can Jaco EHR carts tolerate UV sterilization?

Approximately 90% of the surface area of Jaco’s mobile EHR workstations is powder coated aluminum or steel, both of which stand up exceptionally well to UV sterilization. Specifically, Jaco’s powder coat will tolerate up to 250 hours of constant UV-B exposure, or up to 24 hours of constant UV-C exposure, with minimal impact on gloss, color and film integrity.

Because most UV-C sterilization systems require 90 seconds to 30 minutes of exposure, your Jaco cart should tolerate UV-B or UV-C sterilization with no impact to the surface finish. However, be sure to consult the UV sterilization manufacturer for details.

For more on disinfecting Jaco EHR carts, download this guide.

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  • Rapid Disinfection – 90% metal surfaces with antimicrobial powder coat for the fastest chemical/heat/UV disinfection.
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