Options and Accessories

Get non-stop power. And lasting value.

JACO UltraLite 300’s two POWER BLADE batteries deliver a total 408 Watt hours (Wh) of capacity, for up to 10 hours of runtime between swaps1. But long runtime is just one benefit – because POWER BLADE is engineered to be safer and more cost-effective than competing hot-swap systems. POWER BLADE LiFe batteries aren’t combustible at lower temperatures, the way Li-ion batteries can be. And Each POWER BLADE LiFe battery is warrantied for 3 years, or 4000 recharge cycles – up to 4x as many cycles as the Li-ion batteries on other hot-swap powered carts – to help keep downtime and costly battery replacements to a minimum.

Maneuver easily, swap quickly – and streamline your healthcare workflow

With its light weight, compact footprint and low-profile wheelbase, JACO UltraLite 300 is easy to navigate through your facility and close to the bedside. Add JACO’s optional, patented TRAC™ steering system for even greater control and maneuverability – and true one-hand steering ease.

POWER BLADE charging stations are UL 60601 certified for patient proximity, and meet the 4” maximum depth requirement of most hospital fire codes. That means you can install POWER BLADE charging stations virtually anywhere in your facility, to make swapping as fast and convenient as possible for your staff.

Need a Cart with Onboard Power?


Reduce your risk of downtime and data loss

Some hot-swap carts rely on UPS power to keep your computer running while you swap batteries, giving you as little as two minutes to complete the swap before your computer shuts down. UltraLite 300 manages battery use so that one battery drains before the other. The cart warns you when one battery is running low, and automatically switches power to the other battery – providing more time and flexibility to swap without losing power completely.

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Manage and monitor easily, without installing software on PCs

UltraLite 300’s power monitoring and control software is embedded in the on-cart controller, so there’s no need to install any software on cart computers. The embedded software works over your existing WiFi network, is compatible with any operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), and lets you monitor your cart(s) from any device with a web browser, including your smart phone or tablet.


Choose from a wider variety of computer hardware

Because POWER BLADE is an open AC power system, it doesn’t limit your hardware choices the way DC-only powered carts do. You get the flexibility to choose the PC hardware and peripherals you need now – and you can count on the flexibility to choose from a wider range of new equipment as it becomes available, which protects your investment.

300 Series Overview

  • Ships assembled
  • Lightweight aluminum and welded metal tube construction
  • Infection control: Antimicrobial SilverSan embedded powder coat finish
  • Work surface height range: 30” to 46”
  • Wheel base height: 8” (Total base dimensions: 16”w x 16”d x 13”h)
  • 7-Year warranty on mechanical components; 3-Year warranty on electrical components.
  • Manufactured in the USA

Jaco POWER BLADE Hot-Swap Power System


  • AC output voltage: 120V AC, 120W, UL60601 Certification
  • Wave form output: Pure sine AC
  • Battery technology: Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 )
  • Capacity: 204 Wh per battery, 408 Wh maximum
  • Battery lifespan: 4000+ recharge cycles per battery
  • Recharge time: 2 hours to 100%
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs per battery

Charging Station

  • Input AC: 100 -240 VAC
  • Charge voltage: 14.4 VDC, 8 A max
  • Wall mount dimensions: 7.25” w x 10.50” h x 4” d
  • Desk mount dimensions: 7.25” w x 10.50” h x 7” d

310 Model, Laptop Cart

  • Work surface: 20” w x 18” d
  • Laptop opening: 16.5” w x 2.25” d
  • Internal electronics bay: 16” w x 13” d x 2.25” h

320 Model, LCD Cart

  • Work surface: 20” w x 16”d
  • Internal electronics bay: 16” w x 12” d x 2.6” h
  • LCD monitor mount - Rotation: 350°; Pan up: 90°; Pan down: 5°
  • Maximum monitor weight: 16 lbs

List of Compatible Options & Accessories

  •  Locking Drawer/Key Light Panel
    • PIN Code Keypad Locking System
      • PIN Code Access
      • USB Powered
    • Brilliant LED Light for Night Rounds and Low Light Environments
  • Power Cord: Medical Grade Retractile, 8” Foot
  • Wire Baskets: Left, Right and Rear Post Mount
  • Drawer System with Optional Push Button or USB Keypad Locking
    • Single Drawer
      • 3” Single Drawer
      • 7” Single Drawer
    • Dual Drawer
      • Dual 3” Single Drawer
      • Top 3” Drawer and Bottom 7” Drawer
  • Wipes Holder: Left and Right Post Mount
  • Scanner Mount: Left and Right, Mounted on Back of Work Surface
  • Utility Cups: Left and Right, Small and Large Sizes, Mounted on Back of Work Surface
  • Ergonomic Steering System: TRAC Mobile Cart Steering System for Effortless Steering and Nurse Safety
  • Laptop Protection (310 Models)
    • Laptop Stabilizer: Front and Rear Laptop Screen Protection System
    • Laptop Backstop: Rear Laptop Screen Protection System
    • Laptop Opening Spill Cover: Laptop Screen Work Surface Opening
    • External Lock: Laptop Cable Lock
  • Keyboard Light: USB Powered Keyboard Light
  • Mouse Holder: Convenient Mouse Holder In Front of Work Surface
  • Work Surface Spill Cover: Laptop and LCD Model Screen Spill Cover
  • Printer Mounts
    • Label Printer Shelf: Secure Printer Mount, Customized to Manufacturer Specifications
    • Printer Shelf: Large Printer Shelf to Securely Hold Large Document Printers and Scanner

Custom Accent Colors

The UltraLite Series can be finished with custom colors to match the décor of each healthcare organization’s particular environment. With the proper infusion of color, caregivers are able to provide friendlier environment and therefore improve a patient’s experience during their stay.

Logos for Facility Branding

By offering custom silkscreens, we can take our customers’ logos and imagery to help them promote their brand which will allow them to communicate their technology investments to help improve patient care.

UltraLite 300 Series Downloads

Download the PDF version of our Product Sheet.



UltraLite 300 Series Charger and POWERBLADE Batteries

POWERBLADE Charger is available in table top or wall mounted versions.

View Configuration in 3D


UltraLite 310 Hot Swappable Laptop Cart

Shown with optional Single 3" Non-Locking Drawer, 4" x 8" x 12" Rear Mount Wire Basket, and Universal Bar Code Scanner Holder.

View Configuration in 3D


UltraLite 320 Hot Swappable LCD Cart

Shown with optional Universal Bar Code Scanner Holder, 6" x 6" x 6" Wire Basket and 5" Sanitary Wipes Container Holder.

View Configuration in 3D


UltraLite 320 Hot Swappable LCD Cart

Shown with optional Height Adjustable Monitor Stand, Dual 3" e-Lock Drawers, TRAC Steering Control System.

View Configuration in 3D

*Computers and Monitors not included with any model