Opportunity Registration

To initiate a deal registration, submit the information in the form. In the event there are any issues, please email info@jacoinc.com and a Jaco representative will contact you concerning the Deal Registration Request. Shortly after submittal a Jaco Sales Executive will be notified and will contact you to review the specific deal and confirm eligibility for Deal Registration.

Deal Registration Details

Jaco’s deal registration program is made available to our Reseller Partners to recognize their efforts to promote The Jaco Brand and our products on new sales opportunities.  Deal Registration is handled on a project by project basis - it does not govern an entire Customer Account - although some defined projects may involve an entire Customer project.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Is this a new project to Jaco?
  • Do you have specific details concerning the project?
  • Are you able to secure meetings for Jaco with the Key Contacts at the End Customer?
  • Have you notified any other Point-of-Care Manufacturers about this specific project?
  • Is your organization in good standing with the customer and do they have a desire to buy from you?

Once approved, a deal registered reseller will receive confirmation information on the registration from Jaco along with any additional information or insight that Jaco can provide.

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