Choosing the Right Computer Cart

Choose the Right Computer Cart

A 10 Point Buyer's Guide

Your Guide to understanding the in's and outs of mobile computer cart technology, and how to choose the right cart for your organization.

The evaluation and selection process of mobile carts can be a daunting task for healthcare professionals. Mobile carts undergo a continuous evolution in the features, options, construction and configurations available, as they adapt to new technology and respond to the needs of the customer. Selecting the appropriate carts that will meet your specific needs and provide nurses with hassle-free care giving must be the end goal in your decision making process. In this buyer’s guide, we’ve broken down the details, and outlined several criteria to help you make an informed, researched decision.

When it comes to evaluating a mobile cart for your organization, there are many questions to answer:

  • What kind of computer will be used?
  • Will it support the LCD display size I’ve selected?
  • Is the work surface large enough?
  • Is it easy to maneuver on the tiles and/or carpet?
  • Do I need a powered or non-powered system? How long is the runtime?
  • Does the manufacturer stand behind their product with a long warranty?
  • Are the options available the ones that I need?

And that’s just the beginning. There are many questions that need to be addressed before choosing a computer cart that will be used daily by the nurses and healthcare professionals, and supported by IT. What this guide provides is a short list of questions you should ask yourself – or the manufacturer – about the computer cart you are considering purchasing.

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