Equip your cart for bedside medication administration

Lightweight, durable, secure, and available in a wide variety of configurations, Jaco UltraLite Storage lets you outfit UltraLite 200, 300, and 500 carts to meet the most stringent medication delivery regulations. Mix and match storage components – or work with us to create a custom solution that meets your requirements.

Choose single- or double-drawer cabinet


Jaco UltraLite Storage offers two cabinet sizes:

Single-drawer cabinet holds 3 med bins or 1 standard drawer

Dual-drawer cabinet 2 standard drawers,1 large drawer, 6 med bins, or 3 med bins and 1 standard drawer.

Choose standard drawers or med bins


Standard drawers are made from the same lightweight aluminum we use to build our cart bodies. 

Med bins include a unique transparent cover that lifts easily, and prevents medications from ‘jumping’ to the wrong bin while still allowing full visibility of bin contents.

Use a Drawer Divider Kit to separate any standard drawer into 3, 6, or 9 compartments:


Choose touch-pad, keyboard or push-button locking

Storage.touchpad.pngJaco’s 4-digit touch-pad lock, built into the cart nose cone just above the worksurface, provides simple security for med bins, med trays or drawers. The lock can be powered from a USB port connected to the computer or the cart power system.

Storage.keyboard.pngThe Jaco E-Lock keyboard lock secures med bins, med trays or drawers with PIN codes entered via the computer keyboard – and lets you track a complete and detailed access history via Jaco’s FleetManager cart software. E-Lock is available on powered carts only.

Our push-button lock provides simple security and access to standard drawers – no power system required.


Customizations Available

As flexible as our storage solutions are, your workflows deserve a personal touch. Our sales and engeering teams are available to work with you to create the storage solution you need.

Download our brochure to learn more about the UltraLite Storage System.

Download the Storage Product Sheet