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The product landscape for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) applications continues to evolve. For years, fixed computers stations, wall stations and wall arms have been the most common solution. However, new small footprint, non-powered mobile cart features are giving healthcare professionals a refreshing new look at how to address these applications.

Many people consider mobile computer carts to be very expensive, consume valuable space and may be a safety concern in hallways and patient rooms. With the reduction in size of PC hardware, many new offerings have become available: wall arms, wall stations, custom cabinetry and new model mobile carts. Although these products do address removing EMR hardware off the floor, their limitations and practical application have their own shortfalls. Now newly designed non-powered mobile carts are providing healthcare professionals with a logical alternative to wall mount devices.

We’ve put together a guide that will help you choose the best option for your health care system, discussing many of the qualities of mobile carts and wall mount systems.  We discuss how the physical size of the product can be a factor in room design and user comfort, along with how patient privacy and flexibility can vary from each product.

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