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December 2012 Franklin, MA – JACO, the industry leader in high performance, durable (EHR) Electronic Health Record devices is proud to announce another successful mobile cart rollout with partner MoreDirect at the internationally renowned health system, The Nebraska Medical Center.  Utilizing the healthcare industry’s best EHR mobile carts, The UltraLite Series by JACO throughout its 624 bed facilities, The Nebraska Medical Center is extending electronic health records directly to the patient, with bedside data capturing and (BMV) Bedside Medication Verification.  Nurses and physicians now have vital information at the most critical times to make the necessary decisions to help safeguard the health and well-being of patients.

Deploying JACO UltraLite 210 Series non-powered laptop mobile carts throughout the facility, The Administration at The Nebraska Medical Center have furnished their clinical staff with ergonomically designed, lightweight EHR mobile carts.  With a starting weight of just over 40lbs, The UltraLite 210 laptop locking carts glide effortlessly down hallways and in out of patient rooms helping to reduce nurse fatigue and lessen the likelihood of on the job injuries caused by heavier products. With well over 500 non-powered mobile carts installed, the mobile cart deployment team relied on timely shipments from both JACO and IT hardware provider MoreDirect. JACO carts are designed for a minimum 10-year deployment in order to provide health systems with an unequaled return-on-investment.

One of the many cool features of The Nebraska Medical Center’s new non-powered mobile cart fleet is the custom modification that JACO made to the UltraLite 200 Series. Working hand in hand with the Information Technology Team at The Medical Center, JACO Engineering incorporated a custom mount to hold an Omnikey smart card reader.  This custom mount allows The Nebraska Medical Center the ability to provide users with unique, secure and efficient sign-ons helping to improve efficiency and better control access to patient information. The clinical staff and physicians are now able to maximize their workflow efficiency which at the end of the day turns into better care and lower operational expenses.

In addition to their non-powered mobile cart fleet, lithium powered mobile carts were selected to provide greater power in specific applications at the facility. Making use of true sine wave AC output power, The Nebraska Medical Center was provided with an open architecture mobile cart power system platform that afforded them the ability to select their PC hardware of choice through IT provider MoreDirect. Integrating their EHR mobile carts with powerful robust software, energy efficient PC hardware and smart card readers, the administration expects to have tremendous efficiency gains while improving the quality of care provided to patients.  For more information on The Nebraska Medical Center mobile cart selection and deployment, please contact JACO at jacoinc.com or by phone at 800-649-2228

About The Nebraska Medical Center: The largest healthcare facility in Nebraska, The Nebraska Medical Center is well known for its pursuit of excellence, innovative medical practices and commitment to quality patient care. Employing over 4,900 healthcare professionals and over 1,000 physicians in all major medical specialties, The Medical Center is a truly world-renown modern healthcare organization. Serving as the teaching hospital for the University of Nebraska Medical Center, this 624 acute care bed facility provides care for the entire community of Nebraska as well as large populations of Iowa, South Dakota and Missouri.  For more information on The Nebraska Medical Center visit them online at http://www.nebraskamed.com/ or on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/NebraskaMed

About MoreDirect: MoreDirect brings together the best healthcare specific technology products, making it easy to find the unique solutions that major (IDNs) Integrated Delivery Networks and health systems  need to create, access, and maintain electronic health records (EHRs) for every patient.  Offering enterprise clients affordable and flexible solutions to streamline the acquisition of IT hardware, software and services, The Team at MoreDirect puts the entire information technology supply chain of real-time inventory at healthcare professional’s fingertips, allowing them to electronically evaluate, price compare, bid, purchase, manage and report on their IT assets. For More information on MoreDirect visit them online at www.moredirect.com or on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/MoreDirect

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